Now a day we just cannot think the world without mobile phones. Though mobile phones are mainly used to be in touch with your friends and family members, in recent years this device can also be extensively used for business purpose, like to promote their products and services to the customer. Short message service commonly known as SMS is used by the entire cell phone user around the world, making SMS marketing a popular tool to create awareness among the mass and generating more revenue. Visit for more details.



There are many reasons why SMS marketing can be a successful marketing strategy in today’s business world.

Extremely High Open Rate

According to a survey undertaken by “Single point”, it was found that SMS open rate is ever higher than 99 percent. What else is needed, people read near about 90% of the SMS. Whereas according to a finding of Mail Chip it is found only 50 % of the promotional mails that are sent are read by the customers. This is why SMS marketing are so effective while promoting or advertising a product to the end user.

Very less time consuming

SMS message are sent rapidly and get right to the selected beneficiary. While choosing SMS as your advertising medium, you don’t even have to be concerned about the spam filters that people use in e-mails or not having your messages read when individuals are not at their work workstation. Almost everybody carry cell phones with them all the time.

Increasing in conversion rates

Statistics indicate that SMS marketing conversion rates are extremely high for a business when those SMS are sent after the establishment of a relationship. According to a report established by Lead360 it is found that transformation rates of sms marketing are much higher than any other medium.

Ease Of Opting In And Out

With numerous accepted types of publicizing, prospects need to send their name, message address, telephone number, and different sorts of data that can take some time to register into forms or mail to your business. Through SMS Marketing, individuals just need to message a code to a specific number and they can “Opt in and out” of quick message promoting from your business. There is minimal individual data needed to get promotional offers from an organization through short message service.

Platform Flexibility

SMS marketing gives a business the flexibility to send the promotional updates to everybody in the database or choose a selected few. This is a boon to small business that is targeting a niche segment like customers choosing a specific service or product.

Marketing is an aspect that changes continuously. Those who are experts will know how to adapt themselves with this changing environment. SMS Marketing as a strategy will always help a business to achieve maximum awareness reaching a vast majority of people, quickly turning them into prospecting customers and getting profit out of them.