The Valentine’s Day is something special, interesting and unique for lovers of all ages. This big day is celebrated in a grand manner by everyone including the married couples, both abroad as well as in India. This day is indeed the day for all lovers to come together, share gifts and show their love and affection for one another. Although there are available different types of gifts that can be given to him/her, roses are indeed affordable, exciting and can send across the desired message effortlessly and beautifully.

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Excellent way to enter the heart

Rose flowers can be found in different colours, all of which are seen to have some different virtual meaning. There is indeed something special and interesting for every rose colour type, be it for the Valentine or probably for any other occasion. It is something that is commonly known by everyone. 14th February is the Valentine’s Day and an occasion that is meant for lovers all over the world. Red Roses are quite synonymous with this big day and the demand for this flower increases dramatically during the season. Red roses combined with cake delivery in Udaipur can be gifted to the most important and beloved person in the world. It not necessarily be the lover, but also a close family member.

Understand the real meanings behind rose colours

Before selecting roses for the Valentine, it is necessary for the person to know all about the different coloured roses and their virtual meanings. This way, they stand a better chance to make well informed decision and to impress her/him the right manner and be appreciated for their effort and hard work. Their love and affection also would be reciprocated quickly. Rose colours do have some traditional meanings which is to be understood clearly. Besides red rose, orange, coral and purple coloured roses are known to challenge those red types. They do have their very own meaning.

  • Red coloured rose signifies romantic love. It is also known popularly as Valentine Roses. They are best given to the beloved one on the big day.
  • Purple rose does have its own purpose. It is used to convey the message to the recipient that the giver is in love with him/her at first sight.
  • Coral rose on the other hand specifies desire and long term love and relationship.
  • Orange rose with apricot is known to symbolize enthusiasm.
  • Yellow rose is known to stand for friendship, happiness, and joy.
  • Pink rose stands for appreciation and gratitude.
  • Light pink coloured rose helps the recipient to find feelings of sympathy and admiration.
  • Peach coloured rose is used for signifying gratitude or sympathy.
  • The beautiful white coloured rose is used to relive the very meaning of humility and reverence.

Selecting roses

One can choose to  to the beloved one by booking from one of those reputed online sites. They are indeed affordable, come in discounted prices and make the recipient to feel special and important.

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