Overseas travel insurance is intended to cover your expenses while travelling related to lost luggage or goods, trip cancellation and other losses that you might incur during you travels. This type of insurance is usually done for overseas countries. An overseas travel insurance can be arranged while you are booking tickets or later. There are options available to cover an unlimited number of trips within a time frame so that you don’t have to go through the same procedure again and again. Some policies offer lower expense option and some offer higher expense options to fit everyone’s needs. Here is a list of common risks that are usually covered by such policies:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption due to weather conditions, etc.
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Medical emergencies
  • Overseas funeral expenses
  • Lost, stolen or damaged luggage and other items
  • and Hijacking too

The areas covered above are the ones, which people encounter mostly during their travels. A lot of companies provide this type of insurance on the basis of a round–trip or one way trip and the expense varies accordingly. Except the above-mentioned areas, some policy companies also offer support in case something bad happens with you on your trip. These companies will assist you in the following ways should you get into trouble overseas:

  • In case you lose your passport, notify the policy company which will help you in contacting the appropriate authorities and provide directions for replacement.
  • If you request, the policy providing company will provide key information about your flight, weather conditions, etc.
  • If you get arrested overseas for non-criminal activities, the company will provide you with the name of the attorney who can represent you in any sort of necessary legal matter.
  • In case of any medical emergency, the company will get in touch with the nearest hospital or physician and get the appropriate treatment for you.

These types of insurances are very useful for people, who are constantly travelling abroad or the students, who are going overseas for higher studies. For a student going abroad for studies, there are three options available if he or she wants to opt for a travel policy. The person can buy the policy from the University he or she is going to, from an insurance provider in the foreign country or from an Indian insurance company.

The money spent on travel insurance should not be considered to be a total waste. It should be considered as a safeguard against possible losses. When you are travelling, the risk of losing things increases exponentially. You should always remember to compare policies from all the companies before buying anything in order to suit you the best. An overseas travel insurance policy can lead to a much better travelling experience because you have to worry less about the trip and enjoy it more.

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