When a home has a garden, it usually turns into the favorite place of the whole family. You may eat there, have fun there and rest there after a long day at work. And the opportunity to decorate it, using our own imagination and to plant flowers, for which to care every day, make the entire garden even more special and beautiful.

Today we want to present you with some unique ideas for decoration, which can be implemented even in the smallest gardens. They will add magical feel, color and freshness, and will surely be liked by every member of the family, older or younger. Carefully decorated gardens are extremely beautiful and are not that hard to maintain. All you need is to pick smaller plants with similar conditioning requirements, the rest is up to your imagination.

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The first tip we can give you is to go ahead and find some interesting pieces of garden decoration. They are usually made if clay and you are probably familiar with garden gnomes. Well, from the same material you can get small houses, animals and whatever you can think of probably. If you like the look of small cottages, like those Thomas Kinkade paintings (if you don’t know him, you should), then having a handmade (and colored by hand as well) decorative cottage is probably perfect for you. Clay, as we said, is the common material to craft them from, but some sturdier ones exist as well. You can go for ceramic, wood, porcelain and plaster, but you will probably have to pay a bit more.

If you are not that interested in purchasing small representations of already small houses (because that is what cottages are, right), than you can go for self-decorated clay pots. You can put any kind of decoration on it – stickers, beads, hand painting even. The red clay will contrast well with everything and you will be able to say that this is indeed pure imagination.

Now, many people like small garden fountains. There are many systems, which can do that work for you, so you have many options. But not only that – you can actually decorate the whole fountain once you buy it. Take a look at the picture and tell us if you don’t enjoy it. Well, you don’t even have to tell us, because we know you do enjoy it. Small colored stones, clay toys, wooden bridges – whatever comes to mind can be added as a decoration.

And our last advice is probably the simplest – get yourself some LED lights. They sell them in variety of colors and lengths, so you can pick what is perfectly right for the color scheme of your garden – or you can choose to have all the colors of the rainbow. LEDS don’t use much energy at all, so you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill.

With these tips in mind you can go ahead and make your garden a magical kingdom of sorts and have fun with your family while decorating it.