If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, a new business idea probably pops into your head now and then. However, if you’re in a bit of an idea rut, here are some ideas from a Texas business lawyer on new business ideas to help you get started, derived from his client’s feedback.

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1.) Mobile Consulting

Help businesses that are struggling to find ways to go mobile get to the cutting edge of technology and to meet their customers’ demand for mobile services. Customers want mobile services, and if you can connect businesses and their clients through mobile technology, you have probably just started a profitable business.

2.) Translation Services

Bring people who speak more than one language together through a translation service business. People around the world need documents translated and written in multiple languages. Add interpreters who can interpret recorded audio to your business’ repertoire. The need for translators and interpreters is growing quickly, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.

3.) Mobile Salon

A mobile salon would make it easier for seniors to avoid trips to the salon but still allow them to take advantage of salon services. As baby boomers age, this type of service will likely grow in demand. Other mobile health-related services would also likely do well.

4.) Employee Monitoring

Mobile workers are on the rise. Employers have difficulty keeping track of what their employees are doing. While there are time clocks for mobile devices and vehicle-tracking time clocks, employers still don’t have the resources to handle all the data and put it into the forms that payroll and billing need.

5.) Healthy Vending Machines

 Even though people are on the go and have to grab food fast, they don’t always want to eat a bag of chips from a vending machine. If you can offer a product to stock business’ and schools’ vending machines that was healthy, you’ll have a winning company. You can also open a franchise from a vending machine business that is already up and running.

6.) Smartphone Repair

If you can fix broken screens and solve phone glitches, you’ve got the skills to open a smartphone/mobile device repair shop. Make your service mobile, and you open your business’ doors to people who can’t or don’t want to make the drive to your store.