Hyundai Santro Xing Front Glass: Precautions for All Weathers

India is home to a wide spectrum of temperature and weather changes, thanks to the number of seasons we are blessed with. Just like every season calls for caution when it comes to our health, it also demands precautions when it comes to our car windshield.

For your Hyundai Santro Xing Front Glass, the scorching heat of summer is as bad as the severe humidity of monsoons. Lack of proper care makes it prone to damage in any season. And even though the repair might be easy at times but in an unfortunate case you might end up replacing it entirely while paying the whole Santro Xing front glass price which is not going to be less than a few thousand rupees. To avoid such situations and inconveniences, and keep the car glass well maintained, let’s discuss the precautions we can take in every season.


The Summer heat might not be causing chips or cracks directly, but it can surely worsen and spread the little damage that your Santro Xing windshield might already have.


The freezing temperature of winters is the worst for your front glass. It makes the windshield vulnerable to cracks and further breakdowns.


This is the season which puts your windshield to true test. It might be raining everyday where you live and as you might be familiar, the rain drops also reduce the visibility. Excessive usage of windshield wipers can lead to scratches in such a case.

The slight shifts in temperatures might make you happy every now and then but now you know that every such shift comes with enough hazards to make your windshield prone to something or the other. Fortunately, you always have the option of car glass repair or replacement to rely upon.

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