Smartphones are getting new features, better hardware and more life. Inspite of getting complicated, they are becoming easy for the life and a good companion. With every new launched smartphone, you would see the better performance, better design and more features and this could be seen in the latest HTC One M9, yet to be arrived on the market shelves, and now over the web, HTC One M10 rumours are circulating.

 HTC One M10: The New Generation Phone

The previous generation HTC One M9 phone had performance issues and it was lagging in the heavy games. For example, games Asphalt 8 or Angry Birds Go! Move with great fluidity in the HTC One M8 and details of the graphics are spectacular. But still, you would discover the heating and flaws issues. But now the newly launched HTC One M9 would be above to all, as it got a better snapdragon processor. Since the launch of One M9, one aspect we liked to play is that the virtual buttons are not displayed on screen, but the game image fills the screen completely. To display these buttons can return to the main screen simply drag the screen down from the edge. The HTC One M0 has 16 GB of internal storage, but you can add a micro-SD card up to 128 GB of capacity. This is a significant improvement over the HTC One original, which did not admit memory cards. On the other hand, thanks to an agreement with Google, the ability to Google Drive is expanded to 50 GB. And now we would get more memory in the HTC One M10, if it would be launched within few months.

In terms of connectivity, the HTC One M10 would be well served and support Wi-Fi 802.11 a / ​​b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.0 and other network capability. In this regard we cannot take anything at face to the phone as it supports all imaginable standards as seen in the previous members of the same series.

The present generation, in speed tests the HTC One M9 reached 31 Mbps downstream and 11 Mbps upstream in Wi-Fi with a fiber optic connection 100/10. A good number at least on the paper, may be at the time of HTC One M10; we would have better network specifications to enjoy the more speed. The HTC One M8 battery is not replaceable and has a capacity of 2600 mAh, which represents an increase of 300 mAh compared to HTC One original, but still below what we would have liked. Other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5, the LG G2 or the Sony Xperia Z2 batteries have greater capacity. And in the HTC One M9, finally HTC provided the more battery as it was needed, now it turns to be 2840 mAh, but still if you would use your phone for heavy loads, then it would drain in 8 hours. So, HTC One M10 should have even bigger battery.