If you look around your home or office and consider where everything you see came from you will no doubt realize that most of it came from someone’s imagination, someones thinking. If you consider where you are in life and honestly look back over the years. I would wager that you will come to the conclusion that you got to be where you are through a series of decisions, you will come to the realization that you have created your own reality.

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Many advocates for the Law of Attraction such as Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret tell us that the way we think creates our reality. Through various self-development techniques, we can manifest the life of our dreams, we can think and grow rich. By changing our thoughts we can change how we perceive the world around us, we can reframe our circumstances and lose any negative mentality that we may have.

Changing Perceptions

Whether you believe you can manifest an Aston Martin out of thin air or not it is true that by changing your thoughts you literally can change your reality. By changing how we perceive situations we can change how other people perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. In the short term, this change in perception will lead to us being more comfortable in our present reality and in the long-run, this will lead to us being more productive, more sociable, more popular and we will be able to create a better reality for ourselves.

Where Do Thoughts Come From?

To change our perceptions we need to change our thoughts, to change our thoughts we need to understand where they came from, we need to realize our thoughts are not our own.Thoughts are put in our heads by the people around us, if we grow up around positive people we will perceive situations positively, have positive thoughts and attract more positive people into our lives. If we grow up around negative people we will, perceive situations negatively, develop a victim mentality, develop limiting beliefs about what we can or can’t do and attract like-minded people into our lives. If we think we can’t do something and people around us tell us we will fail, our thoughts and style of thinking will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Changing Your Thoughts

The good news is that it doesn’t matter what your life has been like until now, you can still change your thoughts and therefore change your reality. The first thing to do is identify the negative people in your life and limit your contact with them, find yourself more positive friends. Once you have identified and cut out any sources of negativity you can begin to quiet your mind, meditation, hypnosis, affirmations and visualization will all help you to create a more positive outlook on life. Once you develop a more positive outlook you will find that you begin to see more opportunities and you will even find positive aspects to situations that would have bothered you in the past.

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