A hot cup of tea in the morning which has been perfectly brewed is just the right for an amazing start of  the day. It refreshes you, and energises you to get going the whole day with the daily chores or meetings.

 Tea definetly works magic on you especially green tea which has abundant benefits.  With the world going health conscious and the women becoming figure conscious, tea culture has seeped in dramatically. The various articles in newspapers on television or on the internet give  a lot of information about its benefits but all the teas ofcourse do not benefit.

The age old methods of having ginger tea when you are caught up with cold has amazing results. It works wonders with your system. Green tea is made by briefly steaming the just harvested leaves which have been plucked and are used in their purest form.

The best of these are available in Sri Lanka, Ceylon which has a perfect climate for its produce.  The best of the green tea has the additional benefits of giving you energy to face the day ahead, and its high antioxidant content is known to boost your immune system helping your body to fight off infections and protecting your body from the damaging effects of harmful free radicals.

buy Ceylon loose leaf tea online which is available in packets and can be bought as per your requirement and needs. Already known and acclaimed fact of green tea is improvement of skin and metabolic system but rarely do we know that it has several other benefits too.

One of the most beneficial factor of green tea is that it helps lower your cholesterol level.  It works by inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol from the large intestine. It too is anti-inflammatory as the active compounds present in tea can help to lower levels of inflammation and inflammatory reactions.

Few cups of tea can even help you look and feel thinner.

The hustle and bustle of life do not give us time to keep a check on our diet and regulate it properly which results in poor eating habit and at times becoming a victim of various diseases. Dementia being one.which occurs with the stresses of life but thanks to green or white tea which works wonders in it.

To stay sharp, even as you age, drink tea, as it is thought to lower the risk of dementia by acting through multiple pathways.

The tea lovers can get to select from a huge variety available at various outlets and Jandu being one. The different blends and its benefits is a blessing in disguise.  Enjoy your cup of tea and get to support your health, including your skin and body composition, with at least 2-3  cups of tea per day.

If not already begin your calorie-free, sugar-free drink and join this growing health movement and truly feel and understand the beauty of it. Enjoy your cup of health and fitness now and feel elated over its benefits.