If we want to be prosperous, we should be aware of lack triggers. If we are excessively exposed to lack triggers, it would be very difficult to enhance our financial pictures. Lack triggers can be defined as anything, including things, places, people and emotions that take our focus off prosperity. Lack triggers consistently administer small doses of fear that consistently erode our joy and positive convictions. In this case, we could eventually start doubt our prosperity birthright. Actually, it is quite easy to tell when we are exposed to these lack triggers.

We will notice a dip in our mood and motivation, so there’s no mistaking the feeling. When we are confronting lack triggers, we sense tension in our body. It’s like a sudden downpour on our parade. There are many ways we expose ourselves to lack triggers. Each morning we often start our day by quickly reading the newspaper, while having a cup of coffee. Journalists and TV reporters could report negative things like plummeting stock market, housing market decline, latest unemployment statistics and failing economy. There are many calamities that can be quite worrying. In this case, it is important to eliminate lack triggers if we want to alter our belief system. We should stop talking about bad economic situations with our co-workers and start to focus more on solutions. Eventually, these simple activities will allow us to see more opportunities, as our mind is more focused to find solutions.

Unfortunately, lack triggers can be found everywhere and it can be nearly impossible to avoid them. Obviously, we don’t need to barricade ourselves in our home and throw the TV out of the windows. The most important thing is to accurately identify lack triggers and how they could affect our lives. Common symptoms are crimp in our neck, grinding teeth, bouncing knees, lump in out throat and other uncomfortable physical sensations. When we are surrounded with lack triggers, we could get depressed and irritable more easily. Fortunately, being able to identify lack triggers is a big step forward.

In fact, we could congratulate ourselves if we are able to identify lack triggers. In this case, we could decide how to minimize or even eliminate them completely. In many cases, we don’t have to read or watch news often, because reporters often repeat the same subject and expose us with concerns and anxiety.

It can be more difficult if lack triggers are people we know, including family members, neighbours and co-workers. In this case, we should determine how much contact is sufficient for us. If we tend to communicate with them too much and we are exposed to their negative thoughts, it is necessary to make adjustments. We may consider finding excuse to end the conversation, if it starts to conjure up images of lack. This is something that we must not allow ourselves to get involved. If we really can’t leave, we should at least nod and smile, without engaging in conversation.