How To Write Compelling Content For UK Classified Ads?

Jack wanted to market his real estate website, but he had just started his business and so, he didn’t have enough budget to advertise the products. On doing some online research, he found that online classifieds is one of the most powerful advertising tool over the web. He wanted to try UK classified ads posting to get some sales.

He prepared a list of popular free classified ad websites. Some of them were Craiglist, Kijiji, Oodle, and many more. Next, he wanted to write the ad copy. There are three major parts in which the classified ads are divided:

1. The Headline

2. The Body

3. The Call to Action

Before writing ad content, it is important to understand the purpose of each part. The purpose of the headline is to sell the advertisement. Body of the ad is used for setting up call to action. Call to action is used for selling the click.

The Headline:

The major purpose of the headline is to sell the classified ad. This means that the headline of the ad should be attention grabbing and convincing. It should compel the visitor to read the rest of the ad copy.

People make use of sensational headlines to attract the audience. This approach may work for you, but only for short term. It can damage your brand integrity in the long run. So, make sure that you do not post any false statement in your headline.

You can start the headline content with an action word or generate curiosity among the readers. You can also make a startling statement through the headline. There can be several ways to draft the headline for UK classified ads content. You can try different headlines for different ad copies and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

The Body:

The major purpose of the body content of the classified ad is to get clicks to the website. It helps the users get a reason to click on your ad. This is the section where the benefits of the products or services should be included. The readers should know how they would be benefited from your business.

Let the users know what you are offering. List the products and services and their benefits. People get more interested to buy something when they know how beneficial it would be.

Call to action:

Call to action will be used by the readers to click to land up to your website. You should include words like “Grab the offer now” or “Visit the website today” to create a sense of urgency among the readers.

The main purpose of call to action is to pull the visitors to your website when they click on your ad URL. So, make sure that your call to action is simple and easy to understand. It should contain attention seeking keywords or phrases also.

What’s next?

Test your ad:

No matter how well written the ad copy may be, you would have to test the ad from time to time to find out if it is generating results or not. There are possibilities that you may have to make some changes in the content to make profits. You can keep experimenting with different type of ad copies and see what works the best for you.

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