Millions of content online restricted by the government or the creators and there are many contributing reasons behind it. Accessing the blocked content may not seem important for the majority of the people, but it is an essential function for the masses. Billions of people consume thousands of minutes of content online, and there is a huge library unexplored yet.

I tried to access Indian content from Europe’s IP address, and I could not access the website due to some reasons. Of course, the given statement for blocking the website differs from services to services, but you can unblock it with VPN technology.

What is VPN and how does it Work?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is a powerful technology that maintains digital freedom across the globe. Choosing the right VPN service is important because they have the power to leak user’s information. Of course, I will suggest a few things, so you can prevent Government and foreign powers from influencing it.

I prepared a simple illustration for the beginners and newbie’s to understand the technology behind it.

The computer or mobile device connects to the VPN service and then connects to the selected location. The selected location replaces your IP address with the physical IP address of the server. No matter, who is tracking you on the internet, they will land on the physical server of the VPN service, so nobody can track you virtually.

The illustration explains that you need to purchase the premium service of the VPN, so they can start protecting customers’ IP addresses. Do not skip the premium partly because many free services do not provide powerful and reliable services.

How to choose the right VPN to unblock Websites and Watch restricted Content?

The number one rule is to find out whether your country accepts this or not.

Even the most powerful countries have put up geographical restrictions because they don’t want foreign powers to influence the citizens. I personally have seen Government controlling the press and media to spread propaganda. Such a regime doesn’t want the citizens to use VPN to access restricted websites, and they can easily track you and end up in jail.

In this tutorial, I have suggested a few pieces of information that will help the readers to find the ideal VPN.

a) Find out the country the VPN Company is established because the Court of Law has the power to influence. Conduct some in-depth research on the establishment and country laws on the information.

b) Read online reviews of the paying customers because they can provide unbiased feedback. Many VPN companies sponsor the high ranking pages on the search engine, so they can influence the customers.

c) Always choose the service provider that guarantees the “No Logs” policy. This policy does not record browsing history, customers billing history and personal information.

d) The encryption should be standard AES & RSA 256-bit encryption and that’s the basic protection.

Conduct in-depth research on these four aspects because the VPN protection layer does not work without the presence of the mentioned points. Do not choose freemium service because they may attract beginners, but they have a higher risk of exposing the customer’s original IP address, and anyone can track you back. Always choose premium because they don’t need to think about monetization and fund their project for financial free experience.

Best VPN Paid Service Provider

I have already explained why free VPN are not a viable solution for serious customers because they don’t work in every scenario and protection is not guaranteed.

NordVPN: A company based in Panama, which does not allow the foreign powers or the existing government to rule over personal data of the customers. In short, no need to worry about the protection of tampering and high-quality servers at an aggressive price point.

By reading the VPNoverview, you can find out the best premium VPN services online that can help you conceive identity and explore restricted content online.

Bottom Line

Remember, watching restricted online and accessing blocked websites can land you in jail, and it is happening in many parts of the world. Hide your IP address and start exploring the world’s unexplored content without restrictions. Let us know which VPN are you going to select in the comment section below.