When it comes to boosting SEO performance through social media, Twitter is one of the best social media platforms. It is a dynamic and rich social ecosystem and it allows people to better search our website. In many cases, we would need to create a separate Twitter account for our EO effort. When choosing a name in Twitter, it should be something that’s related to our website and people should be able to remember it easily. Twitter also has a second username that starts with @. We could use up to 15 characters for this name. When using Twitter, we should use relevant and searchable content. We should be able to inject enough information related to our business information. We should give a reason for people to read our content, especially if they have the same interest in our niche. We should use hashtags and keywords appropriately, specifically to encourage people to visit our website.

We should insert URLs of our new webpages in a tweet and it should attract people to read more about our information. Because tweets are much shorter than Facebook posts, we will be able to encourage people to visit our website more easily. However, we should be aware that links from Twitter tweets shouldn’t be considered as usable backlinks and they have zero direct SEO value. Their sole purpose is to allow people to visit our website and if they find that our website is interesting enough, it is possible that they will create links for our website in their blogs and forums. We should have the commitment and effort to achieve strong recognition in Twitter. It is not legal to automate Twitter activity and using automated Twitter tools won’t be able to create the unique human touch that people would prefer to get. No real relationship can be established from automated mechanisms. It is important to interact with people on a regular basis. We should engage in actual discussions, ask questions and answer them. We should become naturally educational and valuable to our Twitter followers.

Twitter mentions are also an important feature to share useful information and links. In this case, we would be easily recognized based on our professional efforts. People would talk about us and we will gain much more in terms of direct traffic and long-term SEO values.

We should encourage people to talk and the more they talk, the better it is for our business. Twitter should be an impressive vehicle to spread our words. Although we have a limit of 140-character for each tweet, people are better in understanding short bursts of messages. This is a strong benefit of Twitter compared to Facebook, which is often riddled with long-winded monologues. People often read Twitter in mobile devices or at workplace. They won’t have the patience and time to read long text. In general, Twitter is a perfect way to promote our blogs and although we don’t automate it, we could still gain plenty of traffic if we deliver something new.