LinkedIn is understood as a key business-focussed social media platform – nonetheless, it is yet to garner as much attention as other social channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. This employment-oriented professional networking channel offers viable opportunities to the new-age employee by aiding him/her connect and build a rapport with influencers. LinkedIn is also a place where a brand can strengthen its position in the market.

Leading PR agencies in India are offering specialised promotional services aimed at LinkedIn for clients. Industry experts are of the opinion that LinkedIn is a place where brand promotion and expertise is encouraged. In fact, these networking channels encompass a lot of potential to create brand awareness and expose a business to the key influencers in the business.

How To Use Linkedin To Build Brand

Since not many businesses are using LinkedIn for self-promotion, hence we have listed out some of the easy to implement quick ways that will help the brands to grow their presence.
  • Select your best image for your profile 

LinkedIn differentiates itself from other key social channels by emphasising on bolstering the professional network of the users. This is one of the key reason why businesses/individuals should not opt for a funny picture, says the public relations agencies.

Here are some key tips that should be considered while selecting your profile image-

  • Select a picture that accurately represents your business/brand
  • Businesses can choose to put their logo
  • Ideal profile picture is square shaped

Since this image will help the users to form an impression about your brand, spend time to post a relevant professional photo.

  • Promotion of the blog content

The public relations agencies in India vouch for the use of social media channels to promote a company’s blog content and project them as thought leader. After a blog has been created, LinkedIn is an effective place to attract readers/potential users.

Posting one post per day is advised and this is a viable opportunity to boost traffic apart from strengthening the credibility of a business. Since not all companies are proficient in the content promotion activities on LinkedIn, here are some quick tips –

  • Post during the week during the morning hours
  • Consider including a link and a relevant image
  • When video content is produced, ensure to encompass the video in the status update.

Apart from promoting your blog’s content, businesses should also consider producing slideshares, which are successful as LinkedIn has purchased the platform. Usually, these presentations are indexed, your profile can rank for few keywords.

Blog content can be repurposed for the slideshare purpose.

  • Connecting with social ‘bigwigs’

Connections hold a lot of potential for any brand. As you connect and network on LinkedIn, it is key to not just target the right people and nurture relationship.

The whole process can be initiated by looking at prospective connections. You should look at the professional profile picture with a minimum of 150 connections along with a detailed summary of experience and career history. It is always best to encompass a personalised message to create maximum impact.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is definitely a reliable platform that can be used for the content promotion and boost your brand on social media. It’s indeed a today way to stay connected.

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