Every online business is looking for ways to increase the visibility of its website. Happily, there are various easy steps that you can take in order to begin to grow your online presence.

First, if you are looking to rank within markets outside of the UK, buy domain names that end in .com or .net, as well as .co.uk. This helps to convert your customers, especially if you offer international shipping.

Content considerations

Second, invest very heavily in content marketing and a good blog, social media and content refresh strategy that will allow you to create fresh and high-value content that your customers will share and engage with. Research your keywords first and make sure they are incorporated into the content. Don’t go down the keyword stuffing route, but use them wisely and naturally in a way that makes sense to human readers rather than search engines. Remember that Google is growing increasingly sophisticated and takes a dim view of “black hat” techniques.

A blog is a very useful tool for creating and sharing content that can boost your shares, links and overall ranking via Google. Invest in your blog and seek out guest blogs and backlinks to grow traffic.

How To Tweak Your SEO To Increase Visibility

Remember to set your geo-location and submit it via the webmaster tool. Set a language and geographic region with the .com domain name as this can help to grow your rankings outside of the UK. For SEO in Dublin, an agency can help you to get your online marketing and Dublin SEO strategy right and geographically optimised.

Tags and headers

Remember to include meta descriptions and tags into your titles and headers. Add alt image information into your website images, too. This ensures that Google has maximum opportunities to understand what your website is about and rank it accordingly.

Linking strategies

Backlinks are key to Google visibility. Look for opportunities to gain backlinks from reputable websites using strategies such as case studies, reciprocal linking arrangements with customers, partners and other suppliers, and getting PR stories into local press and trade media. The more reputable the linking website, the more Google views your own website in a favourable way.

Online search rankings take time to build and consolidate, but with a structured approach and a concerted effort to follow these strategies, you can improve your position over time.