Housing.com is a real estate portal that is backed by technology and data analysis to enable its services being offered at the right time to the right consumers. This portal constantly analyzes consumer behaviour and demand patterns to identify service gaps and then fill it.

The portal has made headlines by offering property search features which are reliable and have enabled users make purchase decisions more efficiently without leaving the comfort of their homes. Following the same passion, the makers of housing.com realized the need for offering home loans to those people who search properties on the portal. As a result the home loan section of the portal was born.

This section is as unconventional as the other features of the website are. Housing.com goes an extra mile to help end users know everything that they need to know about home loans and then offers them the flexibility to choose one.

How To Take Loans Using Housing.com In Simplest Steps?

How to Proceed?

One can either visit the page https://housing.com/in/home-loans or log into housing.com and click the photograph marked ‘Home loans’ on the home page. There is a button on the top which says “Get Started”.

Alternatively, one can choose one from the three options given at the bottom- ‘Check Eligibility and Apply’, ‘Home Loan guide’ and ‘Track your application’. Clicking on ‘Get Started’ automatically takes a user to the same page that one obtains by clicking ‘Check Eligibility and Apply’. This next page allows user to fill in earning and employment details anonymously.

There are different loan options in this form to choose from. One can choose a loan for buying home for resale, a new home from a builder, to construct a home or to buy a plot and construct a home. In most cases a user has to enter the cost of the property. But one can nevertheless check eligibility by selecting ‘No’ for the option ‘Have you identified the property’.

Having filled in the details, there is the option to click “See Available Bank Offers”. Clicking this button allows you to find your loan eligible amount instantly. The resulting page shows a loan amount and duration. Both these components can be changed within a specified limit. Based on the selections of a user, one comes to know about the down payment amount as well as an approximate EMI.

Housing.com has tied up with some of the biggest home loan companies in the country. On the basis of eligibility, one can see offers from these companies listed below- citing interest rates, processing fee and EMI. One can look for additional details like the loan calculation breakup, interest type(floating or fixed) and approval time by clicking the text saying ‘Details/Apply’. One can view all the plans from different institutions in one page and apply for the one that suits the best.

The portal also offers the provision to track the loan application. For those who do not know much about home loans, there is a comprehensive home loan guide which allows users to learn everything they need to know about home loans-starting with their components and going on to learn about the ways to service it efficiently.

In Conclusion 

Housing.com has provided all features on its portal to allow home buyers find the home loans of their choice with ease. With some of the biggest lending firms provisioning these loans, the users can now opt for the ones of their choice without further search.