Even though it is thought that Salesforce has only to do with CRM, the platform’s capacities go beyond that. The robust application is expected to provide more than one million jobs by 2018 and inject $272 billion to the local economies of various countries. Salesforce has grown exponentially in 2015 and the platform has therefore proven that its scale and reach will soon be a force to reckon with in business solutions.

The evolution of technology from web commerce to now is all thanks to this robust ecosystem that is now a thriving community.

Opportunities in Salesforce

Technology startups and entrepreneurs have gained tremendously after launching their businesses in the Salesforce ecosystem. However, not every business person has success stories. There are three essential criteria to avoid such a situation.

  1. Solve a Problem

The secret to building a successful business is solving a real business problem. Cloud Craze, a native enterprise has managed to extend Salesforce’s functionality, especially for customers demanding a specific solution.

The B2B market is four times that of B2C. B2B organizations have always lagged behind B2C companies with regards to digital commerce. Cloud Craze focused on helping this market and Salesforce became the perfect platform to use.

After realizing that organizations were spending millions of dollars and two to three years to launch their digital commerce offerings, they set out to invent a better, faster and more affordable option.

They have now been successful in offering organizations the ability to implement and deploy eCommerce in weeks at a lesser cost through the Salesforce platforms. They have major players in their portfolio, including Coca-Cola and GE.

  1. Value

The Salesforce platform is robust and comprises of many ISVs (independent software vendors) whose applications are built on the Salesforce platform. These partners are rigorously vetted using stringent requirements to guarantee the ecosystem’s integrity. To secure an ISV designation, the company must demonstrate value-differentiators and credibility.

Consideration is given credibility because this has an overall impact on Salesforce’s reputation in the long term.

  1. Join the Community

There is a vibrant ecosystem made up of passionate organizations and individuals who have made connections that have led to the creation of numerous opportunities. You can also take advantage of third-party providers who are building market templates to support the Salesforce and SalesforceGit technology. These communities within communities allow people to layer in other capabilities such as payment processing.

It’s all about taking advantage of the partner community to increase value to clients. For instance, Steel Brick, recently acquired by Salesforce, dues pricing structures on this technology.


Building your business on Salesforce is the right strategy and for Salesforce has been an evolving market leader already, your business is guaranteed to thrive. But this will only be the case if you take advantage of the benefits this platform offers. There are various businesses who have seen their bottom line grow and efficiently improve over a short span of time. This can only be you if you fully utilize the opportunities Salesforce allows.