How To Smooth Off Your Silicone Sealant Like A Pro

How To Smooth Off Your Silicone Sealant Like A Pro

If you’re not a pro, you might be put off doing DIY because of what the results may be. However, you don’t need to pay a professional to do jobs like sealing your bathtub or other fixtures with silicone. This application is essential to avoid moisture from getting into joints. For a smooth professional finish, read the following tips.

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Masking Tape Magic

One line of masking tape attached to the bath and another to the wall above will provide an even strip for your silicone sealant application. The tape needs to be super-straight, and your gap should be no wider than the bead of silicone caulk. After removing the masking tape, the result will be professional-looking clean lines.

Finger Smoothing

By just running a finger along the bead, you can evenly smooth the caulking down. The skill is in keeping an even pressure and not stopping until you reach the end. Dip your finger in some alcohol to keep it moving smoothly and for keeping your finger clean in between. This might take one or two attempts, but you are bound to get a very nice smooth finish in the end.

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Move Quickly

Don’t wait for the product to dry before you start smoothing the bead. Trying to achieve a smooth finish becomes impossible once the drying process is set in motion. The key is to be confidant in your application. Don’t worry if your applicator is uneven, because you can always use your finger to create an even finish that will automatically fill the gaps.

If you need to remove silicone that is old or has to be removed because of a bad application, there are great products available online, such as those found on sites like Remember that there are different qualities available, and you are better off going with a certified EOTA dealer’s products.

Use a Damp Rag

Use the rag to remove any fine ridges that have been left after the finger-smoothing process. A damp linen rag that is lightly run over the silicone bead will leave a clean finish.

Section by Section

By working in smaller sections, you are able to smooth the bead before it dries. This process takes time but is worth it, because you need to let each section dry properly before attempting the next.

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