How to Set Up a Customer-Friendly Team When You Run a Shopping Website

Every online shopping website wants returning customers, for that matter, every online shopping website wants customers in the first place. But, how does that happen? There are so many aspects that have to be considered before and while you’re setting up your store. Customer-friendly teams are the main focus on face-to-face shopping experiences, but people tend to forget about the online focus and audience. You want all your customers to feel included in your business and company – they’re putting money into your store too, it’s not just those who shop instore. These days, many e-commerce businesses only have an online presence and often don’t have a real-life store where customers can visit.

Below we’ve listed some tips on how to run and set-up a customer-friendly team when you’re running a store online. It’s about getting new customers but also being able to keep them coming back. One of the best ways you can do this is definitely having a friendly team on board to help out customers if they need it.

Always be on hand

Having a pop-up feature on your website with someone on the side to help customers is an excellent feature for any business and site. This feature will pop up to the customer, and if they require help, then they can message the site, and one of your helpful staff can give them the advice or help they need. Customers appreciate fast and useful replies to their messages. Training your staff to be the best they can also help you build a better team.

Be polite

Naturally, every manager or owner of a business wants to hire the best people, don’t settle for anything less than the best especially when it comes to your customer-facing team. The polite ones are always recognized even when it’s online, so you will be able to quickly see who goes out of there way to make a customer’s day. It’s pretty easy to train people on how to deal with difficult customer too, and this is essential training if they’re going to be on the customer team.

Do everything you can for the customer

Show the team that they can help out in the strangest of ways if a customer needs to find out where the cheap bridesmaid dresses are. Don’t merely tell them to ignore the customer, be as helpful as possible. A successful customer-friendly team will always be there to do everything they can. It really does make all the difference with your customer returning ratio! JJ’s House is a great example of this, their website is filled with staff who are always there to help all the customers. They’re a true model to all retails outlets who want to succeed with their ecommerce business.

Get feedback to improve

When you’re a new business, there are inevitably going to be things you’ll want to change and things that start out but don’t work. That’s totally fine! Get feedback about the customer’s experience and find out what they really think by doing follow-up emails and asking them to be honest about their time on your website. This way you can improve, and hopefully, more customers will see if you improve and come back too. No business will start and be perfect from the beginning, so it’s essential you act on any reasonable and constructive feedback.

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