How To Set Trending Email Marketing Campaigns

Set Trending Email Marketing Campaigns

All successful email marketing companies in India and abroad have always struggled to set trending email marketing campaigns, so that they can satisfy their clients and help them on improving their business.

What are Trending Email Marketing Campaigns?

These campaigns are capable of chancing or make a hike in the graph or the rate of open, click and conversion.

For Example: Company A is a leading e-commerce brand in India, but still they are facing a dip in the conversion rate. Here comes the application of trending email marketing campaign, i.e. you need to understand what went wrong and how, and then need to come up with new strategies that can change the dip to a straight hike.

Here are some simple tips that explain how to set trending email marketing campaigns:-

  1. Simple and Responsive Designs: Use of simple probably single image mailer, are suggested by email marketing companies as there is more chance of getting an inbox placement. While sending any type of campaign whether it is single image campaign or text image campaign or double or multiple image campaign make sure that they are responsive. So that your customers finds it easy and comfortable to go through the campaigns.
  2. Use More Animations in Campaigns: Once you start receiving positive response from the customers, you can start enticing them, a little change or animation can definitely impress them. Use Gif images, when they open your mail to see the usual images give them a surprise with some animated images which are more communicative and impressive.
  3. Use Videos in Mails: Now video mailers are setting the trend, give one second video in your mailer so that customers find it easy to know everything about the mail without any liability of reading entire text to understand the content. Videos with voice over speak directly to customers giving pleasure to eyes and ears of customer.
  4. Dynamic Customisation: Sending too many mails without considering the customer interest is zero percent effective, at the same time if you send a campaign with customer preferences its 100 times more effective. Say for example: A 20 year old girl subscribes for one of the leading fashion stores, and she is frequently receiving newsletters, which have more male accessories, and for sure she will lose interest in the campaigns and gradually stop responding or even she may unsubscribe in later stage. In order to avoid this, what we can do is to include female accessories in it and to personalise. And this is simply termed as Dynamic content. In short sending campaigns considering the taste and trends of individually is dynamic content.
  5. Showing what sells Next: This can be a trend setter, usual campaigns contain what sells now, the latest trends, the top selling product, everything is for now, but nothing is for tomorrow or for the future. Why don’t you try some campaigns which can be a trend setter, understand the need in the market and come up with product which can fill those needs. Once you come up with things which are for future or are new in market, you will see a rush in your online and offline stores.
  6. Pop-ups for List Growth: Apart from retaining customers, you should also try to enlarge the list, need to bring new customers to the stores. On an average, online store have more than one competitor, so in order to get maximum for your store; you need to keep enlarging your database. In order to enlarge your database give pop-ups for all new visitors so that will register and subscribe your email marketing campaigns.
    You can also use social media to grow your mailing list; social media provides a massive break to promote your brand. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t have a social media account and now for [highlight] email marketing companies in India [/highlight] we have a good news, India is becoming Digital i.e. Digital India. Isn’t it a great opportunity to rule the email marketing kingdom?
  7. Real-Time Email Marketing: There is a lot of advantage for real time marketing. Prime thing is that real-time mails can be related to the customer action. i.e., visualise, a customer makes a purchase, and clients thanks them for the purchase on an immediate basis, then this mails are considered to be real-time mails as they are send as a response to customers action, and so they can relate it with their action. Usually real-time mails are send as trigger mails which are automated and is send for every action that customer does in the website.

These are some tips for making your email marketing trending. A little more effort to entice customers and a deep understanding on customer’s interests and preference can definitely improve your experience with email marketing. Don’t give up; always try to do something new, to be in the top.

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