Screen doors are used for security purposes and they also obstruct harmful pests and insects from entering your offices or homes. The screens do have advantages I that, they allow sufficient sunlight and airflow inside your rooms. However, most of these screen doors come with various features and material making it a nightmare to choose the right one for a nonprofessional. In this article, we will look at a process of choosing the right screen doors.

The features you must consider before choosing the Best Screen Doors

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  • Frames and material
    About 90% of the screen doors available on the market are made from aluminum, steel or metallic alloys. All these metals can be designed to have maximum strength but aluminum is also a metal which is malleable and it can be made into several designs so frames made of aluminum are wider than those of alloys or steel. However, aluminum is non-corrosive and it lasts longer than steel. A steel frame is usually 2 to 3 inches in width while aluminum frames are about 6 inches wide.
  • Type of mount 
    Screen doors come with tube-frame mounting as well as flush mounting options. Flush mounting is recommended since this does not leave a gap around it at the opening. Tube-frame mounting involves more use of space and the mounting sticks out by about an inch.
  • Sealing
    Many companies and technicians use peel-and-stick foam tape to make the seal around the security screen installation. However, this will get hard and crack and it needs an annual replacement. Better quality screen doors use a felt strip to create the same seal. Felt strips last longer. Ensure that the tape is all around and bug-tight.

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The Procedures Ensure More Performance

Paint or powder coat: Painting is not tested to last under harsh environmental conditions making it a maintenance item. Powder coating is recommended since it is like a skin and is applied with electrostatic technology. It usually lasts longer and has a better look. Make sure that all screws and hinges are also powder coated to give a consistent aesthetic look.

  • Corners
    Choose your screen doors with mitered corners. This means that the corners are made of solid metal and are not hollow. If they are hollow, you can expect water seepage, rusting and rust strains on the floor near about the door in due time. Also, if you are deciding on a tube-frame, ensure that it also has mitered corners.
  • Closer
    Make sure that you have pneumatic closer installed for you security screen door. It is easy on the hinges and you can cut out the acoustics.
  • Extensions
    Get sill extensions, especially for the bottom of the door to make sure that you leave the bugs out in the open.

How To Select An Accurate Safekeeping Screen Doors?

  • Keys
    You can get your security screen door re keyed to your main door key so that you can have a single entry key instead of two or more.
  • Warranties
    Ask the dealer or provider about the warranty that comes for the screen door. Get into a detailed discussion on all parts and break-ins, if they happen.

Installing a screen door is no easy job for a nonprofessional. However, if you keep the above points in mind and clarify everything before your place the order for screen doors, then you will be in a much better stand altogether. Choose the best brand available and don’t look too much into costs. It is also mandatory to understand whether the screen door companies provide tested and certified doors against knife shearing and grille tests. This ensures that your house and property remains safe from the attack of burglars or thieves. Security screen doors are also installed in different industrial areas, keeping its wide usage in mind. To know more details on Security screen doors,just contact us now.