How To Save On Summer A/C Costs

Summertime in Arizona is often known for one thing: the scorching desert heat. With daily temperatures reaching triple digits, your air conditioner will be pushed to its limits as it tries to keep your home cool and comfortable. This being said, many homeowners dread the spike in their monthly bills due to their summer cooling costs. You may feel that the best way to save money is to turn your AC off. Not only do we not recommend this, but it also isn’t true!

Saving Money on Air Conditioning

The following are some tips for homeowners on how you can save money on air conditioning costs this summer, just by making a few adjustments.

Tip 1: Adjust Your Thermostat

The first step is simple: raise the temperature on your thermostat. Many homeowners make the common mistake of setting the thermostat too low. We suggest setting the temperature in your home to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, or within this range. Ideally, you want to find the highest temperature that everyone in your home is comfortable with and stick with it.

When you leave your home or are asleep, we suggest raising the temperature by 10 degrees. This will keep your home comfortable and save energy until you return and lower the thermostat to cool your home back down. We do not suggest turning your AC off when you leave your home for work or vacation. Many homeowners think this will save them money but it actually costs you more money in the long run. It also threatens the health and safety of your pets, internal structure, and valuables. If you are away a lot, you may want to look into a programmable or smart thermostat, so you can control your home’s A/C when you aren’t there.

Tip 2: Maintenance

Maintaining your equipment and air conditioning system is crucial to its performance and efficiency. Performing regular maintenance can also help you detect any potential problems before they occur, helping you save money and avoid costly breakdowns.

The simplest way to address maintaining your A/C is the filter. You want to make sure you replace the air filter regularly so that your system can properly circulate clean air throughout your home. Throughout the summer, we suggest replacing your filter once a month. A dirty filter can block airflow, creating pressure issues that can damage your A/C system and lead to unexpected breakdowns. Dirty filters also affect your indoor air quality, in which they may not trap as much dust, allergens, or particles as they originally were capable of.

One of the most important steps in maintaining your A/C is scheduling regular maintenance services. Before summer begins, you should hire a professional HVAC technician to come to your home and perform a full tune-up on your unit. Not only will this ensure the performance of your A/C throughout the summer, but it can also help prevent issues from developing later on. As an added bonus, many air conditioning manufacturer warranties require you to perform regular maintenance. If your A/C was to break down, scheduling regular tune-ups can prevent you from breaking your warranty and having to buy a new system.

Last, but not least, if you ever notice any issues with your A/C, be sure to call a technician and immediately. Weather your unit isn’t blowing cool air, or you notice a leak or unexplained spike and your energy bills, be sure to contact a professional so that the issue doesn’t develop into a larger problem that can potentially break your bank.

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