Business websites should be continuously monitored and reviewed to make sure that it will work well in the long run. We actually need a huge list of things to do on our website if we plan to maintain it. In essence, we must review, simplify and then, review it again. For the home page, if the website is based on new posts, then it should be monitored consistently. The homepage should have proper focus and it should be focused to deliver proposition to the customer. In general, we should try to keep things concise and simple. It should be a good idea to engage our customers in increments. It is inadvisable to make a do-or-die pitch for our business or asking customers to click the “Learn More” link on the website. Visitors shouldn’t make additional efforts to know about essential details of our website, everything important and critical should be displayed clearly on the webpage and we should be able to read it easily. This way, it is possible to focus more selling our products and services, instead of making it harder for customers to know more about our products.

Our business website shouldn’t overwhelm users and the navigation structure must be quite easy to understand. The way our webpages link to one another must be simple to understand. The majority of websites use top navigation bar to keep things simpler. In fact, people are expecting to use top navigation when visiting websites and it is considered as an intuitive layout. A good business website should progressively include new content and we need to make sure that the presentation is still tidy and simply. It is a bad idea to crowd so many things together. We need to keep everything concise, clean and simple. Our readers will definitely thank us for it. In fact, we see too many pages crammed with virtually everything under the sun, including news wired and animated graphics. Our website should always emphasize the fact that we are an expert at our business. We should ask people for advices, they may include our family, colleagues and peers. Some of them may not be agree with what we do, but we need to provide them with important and different viewpoints.

Above all, we should check what our competitors are doing. What new elements they add to their websites. If their websites are constantly improving, then we should try to do the same. Try to think like a customer and by just looking at the websites, we should consider whether they would do business with them, instead of us. If customers seem to be more interested to competitors’ website, then we should ask ourselves why! There are different elements we can add to our website, as an example regularly updated testimonial section can help us build trust and demonstrate professionalism. It is also a good idea to regularly publish case studies, based on our experiences with latest clients.