If you are in the process of remodeling your master bathroom, there are a lot of things you want to think about very intently. You want to have a clear vision, you want it to fit in with the rest of your bedroom, and most importantly, you want to find the right person to do the remodel. There is a lot of work and excitement up ahead, and when it’s all over and done with, you want to feel as though it was worth all the time and money. If this is your first time taking on this kind of task, here is how to remodel your master bath.

  1. Choose a color palette. The first step in starting your bathroom remodel is choosing a color palette. You are going to want to go with something that you can tie into the overall aesthetic of your home, so don’t veer too far from what you’ve got going on in the rest of your house. Choose no more than 3 colors and make sure you know which one is going to be your primary color, secondary color, and if necessary, you may want a tertiary color.
  2. Find the right tub. The next and often most exciting step is choosing a bathtub. Your bathtub should be the focal point of your bathroom, so you want to be sure you find the perfect one. You can choose from all different kinds of tubs that range dramatically in size and price with Bathtubs Plus. Just be sure that it’s not too big and not too small. Proportion is everything.
  3. Get to the drawing board. Once you know exactly what colors you want to incorporate, and the dimensions of your tub, it’s time to get to the drawing board. You will want to use graph paper to draw the layout of your bathroom, making sure that each little box on the page represents one square inch, or some other constant integer. You also want to draw a clear design of the pattern for your tiles.
  4. Think about ventilation. When you’re designing your master bathroom, you want to think very intently on ventilation. If you don’t properly ventilate your bathroom, then all the water and steam could lead to mold and mildew very quickly. Mold can get in behind the drywall and start eating away at the beams inside your walls.
  5. Find a contractor you can trust. Once you know exactly how you want your bathroom to look and you have all of your plans in place, you’re going to want to find a contractor you can trust. If you have any friends or family members who have recently had their bathrooms remodeled, and you’re pleased with the way it turned out, you may want to ask them who their contractor was. You’ll definitely want to check references and take a look at their portfolio, but a good reference from a close friend is often all you’ll ever need.