Everyone wants to lose weight quickly. There are a number of ways to lose weight, but the important thing is to make sure you are losing it safely. Anyone can take part in the crash diets that promise quick results, but those are a quick fix and not a good solution. I know it is cliche, but you really need a lifestyle change. You need to completely commit to a healthy lifestyle, and in turn, you will lose weight fast with skinny pills.

How To Quickly Lose Weight The Safe Way

Simple and Effective Ways to Lose Wight

  •     1. Watch Calories – This is an all time classic. People have been watching calories for ages. They set a specific number of calories they need to eat a day and stick to it.
  •     2. Watch Carbohydrates – This is a fairly new approach to the health world. Instead of counting calories, you count carbs. Most people that sick to around 20-25 carbs a day see results pretty quickly.
  •     3. Exercise – Spot workouts do not work on their own; you need to tone your whole body. The more muscle you have, the more fat your body burns when you are idle. You also need to do cardio training.

How To Quickly Lose Weight The Safe Way
11 Simple Steps to Lose Weight

  1. Set a Goal – You have to know what you are working for. You need to first set your overall goal, and then set individual goals. For example, I want to lose 50 pounds. When I lose 10 pounds I will buy myself a new pair of shoes.
  2. Wight In – You need to officially weight in when you start. You could have gone to the doctor last week and weighed in, but there are two reasons to re-weigh. The first, is that your weight can fluctuate in a week. You need an accurate measurement of where you are starting. The second, your scale could produce a different weight than the doctor’s scale.
  3. Measure Yourself Weekly – Weigh yourself every week. Always do it on the same day at as close to the same time as possible. For example, I usually weigh on Thursday mornings after I work out but before I take a shower.
  4. Work Out – Work out at least 5 times a week and do cardio at least 3 times a week. If you can work out 6 times a week that is great, but always give yourself a rest day to recover.
  5. Eat Healthy – Monitor what you eat. I usually focus on my carbohydrate intake, but I still monitor my calories as well. This gives me a well balanced diet.
  6. Journal – This is not mandatory, but definitely recommended, especially if you are just starting out. Keeping a journal of what you have eaten and the nutrition facts will help you better stay on track and learn to eat better.
  7. Stay Positive – Don’t get discouraged. If you are eating healthy and seem to be gaining weight then measure yourself a different way. Take a look and see if your clothes are starting to get baggy. Typically, you will see an increase in weight with a decrease in size before your weight actually starts going down.
  8. Grocery Shop – Go shopping. Do not eat out. You need to sit down and plan out meals for the week and shop from that list. I usually make enough for dinner to take for lunch the next day so I get two meals out of one.
  9. Stay Motivated – It is hard to stay motivated. If I am feeling extremely discouraged, I buy myself a new workout tank. They are usually pretty cheap. Find something simple that motivates you and if you need the encouragement, go for it.
  10. Pamper Yourself – Your feet can get tired, and your body  feel worn out. It is important to pamper yourself. I love to take a hot bubble bath and use a pore strip. You just have to find what relaxes you.
  11. Do NOT Skip Rest Day – I cannot stress this enough. You need to let your body recover. Do not skip over this step.

How To Quickly Lose Weight The Safe Way

A Few Simple Tips:

I have basically hit all of my tips already, but there are a few things I want to stress. You must combine diet and exercise. The best combination will come from monitoring carbs and calories as well as coming up with a fun yet challenging routine. One of my favorite routines is Hip Hop Abs. It is fun and my abs really do feel it afterwards.

Really, you just need to find a good balance and figure out what works for you. By finding a routine you love and a diet that fits your schedule, you will learn how to lose weight quickly and safely.

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