In reality, using credit cards during holiday trip is something that we shouldn’t do. Those cards could give us debts with very high interest rates. We need to fund our holiday with the money that we save. In fact, the amount of money that we save should be bigger than our holiday budget, so we could be well prepared for unexpected things. Although using credit card for holiday situation is not acceptable, there is still a possibility that we need it during the emergency situation. Credit card should be our last resort and once we do use it, it is important that we choose the right one. Caredit card should be used only if we don;t have the opportynity to get cash from the closest ATM and it’s a matter of life and death. It;s better to lose money in high interest rate than losing our limb or even our life. The risk of something very valuable should be the only requirement of using credit card.

As an example, we should not pay the accommodation, transportation and food with credit cards, unless we pay them immediately. Some homeowners convert their extra rooms, attics and basements for accommodation area. These places are usually quite affordable and we should choose them whenever possible. Paying with credit cards are also acceptable if we go to areas with questionable security situation. It is certainly dangerous to go to areas in some distant areas with wads of cash in our pocket. We may not be mugged, but we can still be approached by scammers. Many business travellers and holidaymakers have lost a lot of money due to various criminal acts against them. Credit cards can provide security against scamming attempts, although we still need to apply some amount of common sense while travelling to different areas around the world. When we are using cash in foreign areas, we will get no protection whatsoever.

We should make sure that the card issuer is always monitored by the financial watchdog, so we can be assured that the issuer has significant credibility in the local area. We should also make sure that the card is been validated to work in most, if not all areas in the destination country. If the card issuer isn’t validated, we should think twice about using the card. It is all about considering whether it is really safe to use the card in our area. Everyone should provide us with the proof that we can really use the card in our immediate area, during the vacation trip. This is an important matter that we need to have. It is important for us to be particularly careful with any kind of money dealing. If not, there’s a good chance that we will lose more than a bit of cash. Whatever happen, we should make sure that we immediately repay the credit card debt as soon as possible. Just delaying for one month we will lose money unnecessarily.