There are thousands of food blogs out there, all covertly in competition with each other. But, just like the proverbial statement, the sky is wide enough for all the birds, so is the blogosphere large enough for all bloggers, at least to earn a few dollars.  However, if you want to make a decent living from food blogging then you must do things differently. It is true number of food bloggers are exploding, so are the opportunities to earn also increasing tremendously. Making money from food blogging requires the right strategy, you must have a definite goal from the onset. Let’s see some of the things you need to do to make serious money from food blogging.

Set a Goal

If you have no definite goal for your blog, you’ve surely started on the wrong foot, you can as well forget about blogging. I say this always; setting up a blog is not different in principle to other businesses, there must be a defined goal. What you wish to achieve with the blog and how you intend achieving it must be clear in your head. Majority of bloggers claim they started as a hobby which is great. It’s brilliant you are blogging about something passionate to you, but If you wish to make money from your blog, you must do better; have a written strategy and follow it thoroughly. You should have both short and long-term goal, what you want to achieve in 6 months and where you see yourself in a few years.

Create a Niche: Be specific

The idea here is to focus on a single topic. I don’t mean food as a topic, I am referring to sub-specialization like recipes, vegetables, or even food photography. See, I know you might be thinking the more topics you blog about, the better your chances. That’s a big lie, it hardly works like that. Writing on a specific topic help you attract highly targeted customers. Let me explain further, if you blog on recipes, visitors already know anytime they need to know about the latest or any particular recipe, your blog is their destination. Unlike, when your blogging niche is food, they can run through your blog and not get a response to their query; that blog won’t surely be their next destination. So, don’t be a Jack of all trade, master of none. The narrower the topics, the better for you. If you need help developing your own food blog you may want to read this step by step instruction manual on how to setup your own food blog.

Build your contents

As a new blogger, you need to concentrate on building contents first before you shift focus to revenue. The best way to attract visitors to your blog is to build quality contents, it is the contents that will help you in generating revenue. You can’t have one or two posts on your blog and expect everything to start falling in place, you just have to build it up actively.

Invest in your blog

I bet there are not so many things in life you can make money from without investing. You must, no matter how little. It is exceptionable that you put up a content without high-quality pictures or videos, it’s a food blog remember. Each post must be met with choice pictures and videos possibly.

Investing also includes patience. You have to give your blog time to grow. Give it time and be patient. Don’t expect to start making a serious return in the first few weeks.

Guest Blogging

It is the search engines that determines what content to show in the result pages and the order, so you need to create content that will improve your visibility and allow you reach more users, which is why you should try guest blogging. As a guest blogger, you create contents and share on someone else blog who credit you as the author and allow you to have a byline, thereby increasing exposure and traffic to your blog. It simply gives you a wider audience.

Affiliate Marketing

This monetization tactic should be taken seriously. Affiliate marketing involves recommending and sharing a link to products on third-party websites in exchange for a percentage of the sale. To ensure this work well, whatever product you want to recommend for your visitors, write on it or on a related topic. You must ensure the product will benefit regular visitors to your blog.


You might have noticed the surge in internet advertisements. Almost every site are pursuing this aggressively. The common ad managers include Google’s Adsense, BlogHer, Mediavine and AdThrive. You will be paid a certain amount per 1000 impressions.

Sponsored post

A sponsored post involves outlets paying you to create a recipe with their product and promote them in your blog post. You don’t have a problem with that, do you? You shouldn’t, as long as you aren’t bluffing.


I kind of like saving the best for last. Vlogging means video blogging which means you translate contents to videos. Come to think of it, won’t you prefer your visitors see videos of those meals than your two pictures and 500 words blogging. Video blogging is a very huge and profitable market. According to Youtube, one billion hours of videos are watched daily on YouTube, with Facebook laying claim to 500 million people watching video on its platform daily. These are the numbers we want to tap into.

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It’s time you stop wondering on how to make money from your food blog, act on the tips giving above and watch your blog take you to your dream places.