Underage smoking has become a new dilemma across the world. The teenage girls and boys used to smoke cigarettes as a fashion symbol but gradually they become addicted to it. Consequently, they suffer from heart diseases, lung diseases, skin problems, and even cancer. The researches confirm that smoking can have horrible impacts on your life. It can make you die sooner than those who do not smoke. According to recent statistics, 30 percent of teenagers die because of smoking-related illnesses. One single cigarette can reduce 13 minutes of your life and if you continue smoking you may die 13 years earlier than non-smokers.

We cannot allow our kids to put their lives at risk due to a non-sense smoking habit. We should not allow teenagers to smoke and if they do so in our absence, there is a way to stop them. There are several mobile phone applications that enable parents to keep an eye on their teens’ activities in real and cyber world. These apps can help you protect your children from underage smoking and substance abuse. Read on to know how a mobile phone spy app can help you protect your kid from the curse of smoking and substance abuse.

Prevent Smoking with Mobile Phone Spy App

One thing is clear that you cannot be always there with your kids to protect them and prevent them from objectionable things. That is why the technologists have provided parents with the tools to be virtually present around their children. The mobile phone spy apps do the same for you. Once you install the spy app on the mobile phone of your kid that he always keeps with him, you can monitor almost every step he takes and every activity he performs even including smoking.

There are numerous parental control and mobile phone monitoring apps righty accessible. You must be conscious enough to choose the right one for the betterment of your child. While there are many reliable names, TheOneSpy Android and iOS monitoring app can be recommended to parents for keeping tabs on the online and offline activities of kids. Protect kids from underage smoking.

Supervise Teens’ Private Substance Parties

The smartphone surveillance application enables parents to supervise teens’ private parties and outings by monitoring their phones. The app does not only inform you about the GPS location of your kid but it also shows you what your kid is doing on that location. The bugging feature of Android monitoring app lets you turn on the camera of the mobile phone of your kid and record the surrounding scenes. You can see what your kid and his fellows are doing at an unsupervised private party without letting them know. If your kid smokes or any of his friends forces him to smoke, you can watch the entire scene and immediately call him back home.

Monitor Substance-Related Social Media Posts

The social media has turned out to be the most significant place in teens’ lives. Whatever they do in their real life or plan to do, they make sure to post it on Facebook or Instagram first. You may find photos of your kids on social media doing smoking or performing any other risky action with fellows. But what if your kid is clever enough to share such stuff only with close friends?

Here comes the mobile spy app that lets you monitor every single social media post of your kids. It shows you their online and offline messages, status updates, posts, comments, likes, friends list, and followers list. All this keeps you updated about every risky plan or activity of your teenager.

Unlock Phone Gallery

Moreover, you can sneak into the photo gallery of the mobile phone of your kid to see what stuff they have stored on their phones. By logging into the online account of spy app, you can see and download all photos of your kids captured from a monitored phone, downloaded from the internet or received from any other source. The app makes sure you do not miss any smoking or substance-related photo of your kids and their fellows.

Hope this article would be helpful in learning the way to prevent underage smoking using the mobile spy app. You can visit the website of TheOneSpy to know more about the app.