Whenever summer kicks in, everyone starts scrambling around in order to achieve an attractive and appealing look to anticipate for the year’s hottest season. Summers are considered to be one of the most wanted times for having some fun outdoors, showing off a tan and partying with friends and family members. At the same time, summers can be a bit troublesome for bearded men as they have to decide whether they want to shave or go on with the beard. Whether someone should go through with a clean shave or continue with the beard? This topic has got several varying views. But we all may agree on the fact that maintaining a beard can prove to be pretty challenging in summers.

How To Prepare Your Beard For The Summer Wet Shave

One of the many problems faced by bearded men in summers is the increased amount of beard shredding. This issue is faced especially by people who love spending a lot of time outdoors. Increased temperatures may cause a lot of sweating which tends to irritate your skin and you might want to scratch your beard a lot. When this starts happening, there is a good chance that you might experience your beard thinning in various areas as summers pass by.

In addition to this, people like to spend a good deal of time swimming in order to beat the heat in summers. It seems to be a lot of fun but there also are a few side effects of swimming especially in chlorinated swimming pools which tend to dry out the facial skin. This may lead towards your beard getting drier leading towards getting all scratchy. In such a scenario, you can obviously make use of different productive products like wax before getting into a swimming pool but having a clean shave in summers can free you of worrying about your beard getting dry and damaged in any way.

In case you are willing to go through with a clean shave for summers, it is very essential to carry out the grooming procedure in a careful manner. Majority of the bearded men go by the opinion that letting go of their facial scruff simply means getting a razor to trim down the beard to a close shave. On contrary to it, there is a lot more to prepare your beard the right way for summers. Some of the tips that might prove to be helpful in order to prepare your beard to go through with the summer wet shave without experiencing the most common mistakes are discussed below for your convenience.

Personal hair clippers are more likely to help you in sizing your beard. People with long hair often faces a problem with long and thick beard. Hair clipper can be the best solution for you in that case. After resizing your long beard you can continue with the next two steps. Check how to prolong your grooming product’s life on Instant Grooming.

Trim It Gradually

It is highly recommended to start off with the whole shaving process before the summers kick in. In simpler words, if your face carries a lumberjack look right now, you can use a good men’s grooming tool every once in a while in order to trim it a little. That way, your razor would have to do lesser amount of work when you are ready to go through with the final push. In addition to this, going from a lumberjack to a clean shave might give you a baby face. So getting rid of your beard gradually can prove to be less shocking for your friends and family members.

Use Facial products and Beard Oil

It is important to keep on using different facial products both before and after you shave the beard off your face. Making use of beard oil can prove to be highly beneficial for the skin as it is designed to soften your facial hair along with the skin present underneath it. That way you can have a soft and smooth skin instead of having a dry and rough one.