I’ve never met anyone who went to write an exam and did not want to do well. If there is anyone like that out there, they probably would not make it to the exam room. For the rest of us who walks into exams with the will and drive to do well, there are some proven ways to achieve this. Not everyone is naturally a genius, but anyone can write an exam and do well.

Before you start searching for a graduate school essay writing service, apply these tips to your next exam or big project. We have all heard that hard work and commitment will get you the results you need, but sometimes we just need more practical tips. Human beings like to apply the knowledge that they learn because it becomes achievable. Words like motivation and inspiration does not help when you already have those in place. Here are some tips you can apply right away.

Tests before exams

Do not wait until the exam to test your knowledge on a subject. Mock tests are a great way for you to evaluate where you are. Do a few of these and then work on those areas you do not know well enough.


Start by creating a schedule of when you will be studying what and stick to it like glue. Being great at creating schedules is not the trick. Sticking to it is where the magic happens. A 500 words length essay would be easier if you schedule 100 words a day.

Go beyond the text

In order for you to do well in an exam, you have to understand why the concepts say what is stated. Go beyond the text and ask yourself why this information is the way it is. Once you know why, you will be able to better explain your theories in the exam.

The mirror

Stand in front of a mirror and teach yourself the concept you just learned. You become both the student and the teacher in this moment. If you need to write an essay, explain the graduate school essay format and see where you get stuck. It might feel a little silly at first, but the benefits are worth it.

Mix it up

You will probably have more than one exam at a time. Switch between subjects while preparing for your exams. This way, you won’t get bored of one subject. By the time it rolls around again, you would have had time to process the information.


Create images in your mind when studying and link it to the text. When you think about the image, all of the information you studied will come back. The image has to have some reference to the context. It’s like applying a perfume while studying and applying it again on the day of the exam. Our minds are powerful at associating one aspect with another.


These tips are going to help you get that high score you are looking for. You can start applying them right now. Do not procrastinate when you have an exam to write, because it is the biggest thief of great results. Start as soon as you receive your instructions and see those flying colors shine bright.