When you’re faced with so much competition online, it is imperative that your website should stand out from the crowd in order to gain attention and be memorable. How can you do that?

Be Inspired

Great web design should be unique, but that’s not to say that you can’t look to other successful brands to gain inspiration. Find websites that you like and decipher what it is that works well on the site. How could you apply these same principles to your site? It is crucial, however, not to ever copy from your competitors. According to Forbes Magazine you need to have your own identity – something memorable that is yours alone. If you don’t know what that is, your customers won’t know either. Decide what this is before embarking on your website design.

Visual Representation

Break up large chunks of text on your website by using high quality images, preferable those that are original rather than stock photos. Images can help to explain an idea or information easier than text might do, or can be used to support descriptions.

Make use of creative icons also to help explain things on your site or to inform a viewer what actions these perform. Being creative can work well, but just ensure that the icons are understandable.

Be Genuine

If your website is too ‘salesy’, it could put visitors off from staying there or making repeat visits. According to the Guardian drive sales by being genuine. Don’t have the sole purpose of driving sales, but have the view of building your brand through engaging content. You want people to buy into your brand, who you are and your philosophy.

Colour Choices

Colour choices can either make a website look slick and polished or an eyesore, so it is important to use the appropriate colour schemes for a particular site. Colour choices can reflect a company’s brand or logo, for instance, or the image or mood that it wants to portray.

Professional Design

Expert designers understand what makes a website look good and work well, so if you want your site to stand out from the crowd, get the professionals on board to assist you. Experts such as Cheltenham web design company ma-design.biz will be able to talk through your requirements, recommend different options and create design ideas that look great and reflect who you are as a business.

Use Infographics

If your website contains lots of facts or data, make this visually more appealing by displaying them as infographics. This is much more user friendly and easier to digest, and can make your website more interesting.

Well Organized

A website that stands out from the crowd will be visually pleasing, where thought and consideration has been given to the design, layout and organisation of the site. It should not look as though it has been thrown together or crammed full. The correct use of whitespace is also vital in effective website design and its use can influence how professional and organised the site looks.