With the online world getting so much traction since the turn of the century, everything has been available on the internet. From online guitar classes to customized tea sets, you can find almost anything you want when you want it. It is also a great platform to display your own products or display any services you have to offer. One of the best ways of doing this is to create your own website.

Now there are a lot of companies in India that help you in making specific websites for you or your establishment with website development services India, Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities. However, if you just want to create a website about something you are passionate about and want to make your own website, there are a lot of ways to do it.


CMS or content management system is the first thing to make sure of before you create your website. CMS is the base of your whole website, where all the written data will be filed before it is put up on the page. Adding new pages, writing blog posts, choosing layouts and other such important things are possible only because of the inclusion of CMS on the website. Popular CMS wizards are WordPress and Joomla and while the former is one of the most popular platforms in the world, Joomla targets business professionals or people who want a more professional look for their website.

Hosting Provider

If CMS gives your website a structure and a base, hosting providers give that structure a home. Hosting providers help you sort out your files by organizing and storing them in a safe and secure position, and it is the page your users will be directed to once they enter your domain name into the same page. Web hosting providers are affordable and are necessary for your website to start.

Domain Name

This is the most important part of any website. Choosing a catchy and interesting name that will resonate with the audience and also reflect your website’s content in a natural way. The name should ideally be short, unique and should have some amount of recall value. The name should also be brandable so that if it becomes successful, the brand that builds around the website can be monetized with an identity that will be synonymous with the promotions. Be careful that you choose a name that does not lead to spelling mistakes. For example, if you choose something that has a lot of alphanumeric characters that might confuse the person trying to check out your website and may get redirected to some other webpage.

Easy to Use Plugins

After you create the website name and choose the platform, you need to add plugins before you start. Plugins give added functionality to your page and ease of accessibility too. You should be careful however of not cluttering your page with plugins and make it look haphazard. This may confuse your user. A lot of website designing company in India Bangalore and other cities help you out in choosing your plugins but if you are doing it solo, just choose your basic plugins like floating media share bars, navigation buttons, etc. and you are done!