We’re not all lucky enough to have vast, spacious offices. For most of us, the reality is a rented space above a shop or a room in our own home. These can become cramped as your company grows or you accumulate more materials – and you’re not going to work as well in a space that feels cramped and chaotic. So here is our guide to making the most of your small office space, without scrimping on style.


Firstly, you need to think about what to do with the stuff that’s on your desk. Putting things away and out of sight can make an office feel twice as big. Start by getting rid of any useless clutter that you’ve accumulated over the years – a desk is a place for working, not a shrine! Take advantage of noticeboards and desk drawers for storing any paper, and email and save where you can instead of printing. You’ll be surprised at how much space you save by going paperless.

How To Make The Most Of A Small Office Space

Make good furniture choices

Secondly, consider if your furniture is doing an effective job. Corners are often an under-utilised space in a room, so why not go for furniture that will fit into those? Radial desks combine drawers and a work surface, so are great if you need a little more storage at your desk area. If you haven’t got a lot of floor space, then look to the walls in your office. Shelves and tall, slim bookcases are great for storing things that you want to keep off of desks.

The right space for the right purpose

If you’re lucky enough to have a few rooms at your disposal, then your office space is already divided up into different zones. If you only have one or two however, then an office space can often feel like it’s trying to serve too many purposes at once.

Screens are a really effective way of dividing up a room, and they can also double up as noticeboards if you’re short on wall space! Another great thing about them is that if you don’t think your current work space arrangement is working, you can just move them around and start again!

Try to keep work and social areas as separate as you can, as you don’t want people to be distracted by co-workers who are on their lunch break. Additionally, try to keep supplies such as tea and coffee in a space that is separate from your main work area, so that you don’t have to keep disturbing people if you want to make yourself a hot drink.

A new office, a new you!

Working in a small space need not feel claustrophobic or counter-productive if you chose to follow any of the above advice. Bright, airy décor and steering clear of prints can make a room feel bigger too, as can keeping your floor free of rugs and mats. If you need to upgrade your furniture to something a little more efficient, then second-hand suppliers are a great way of keeping costs at a minimum too. Whatever action you decide to take, we’re sure that your office will be a lot better off for it!

Ben Livings is the Director of a new and second-hand office furniture suppliers- Sadlers Farm Office Furniture.