Preparing tea is a simple exercise which involves boiling water, making the tea and finally serving it. But, if you want to make a delicious tea, then in addition to these things, you would need experience and knowledge of tea preparation. A delicious tea is more than just hot another hot drink. It is a traditional beverage which has passed the test of time and has become an integral part of our lives. The best aspect of this beverage is that one sip is enough to tell whether you like it or not. In recent times, various private label teabags in India have come up in the market. You can use these tea bags to prepare a delicious top of tea on a regular basis.

You should always use cold water from the purifier for preparing tea. Purified or spring water are usually preferred because they are relatively lesser polluted. Also, since they lack additional substances so you would not experience difference in the taste of tea.. Similarly, we should also avoid using preheated water for tea preparation. Even if you use the best private label tea in India but take rated water then the taste of tea would still be bad. When you heat water, it loses the oxygen content thereby making it can unfit for tea preparation.

How To Make The Best Tea With Tea Bags?

Thereafter, boil the water. You can use the traditional tea kettle or the electronic one. As long as the final result is met, it’s good. Temperature plays a critical role in making the good tea. There is a popular belief that the boiling water can be used for preparing any sort of tea, but this is actually a misconception. For instance, green tea requires a relatively cooler temperature than black tea. Next, you have to patiently wait until the water is heated properly.

The next step involves steeping. Here, you have to place the tea bag into the cup. Thereafter, you have to add a teabag. Next, you can add milk, if necessary. Some people have this belief that adding milk before heating the water makes the tea tastier. However, there are others who believe that tea brews best in the hot water, and the milk is supposed to be added only after steeping. Thereafter, pour the heated water into the cup. You should leave some space for adding water, if required.

Next, you have to wait for a minutes until the tea is completely steeped. This totally depends upon the type of tea you’re preparing. For instance, steeping of green tea would require merely a minute, but herbal teas would require over 10 minutes.

The final step involves the removal of the tea bag and adding a teaspoon of sugar into the cup. Thereafter, you have to thoroughly stir the cup of tea to properly mix the sugar. Voila! Your cup of tea is ready to be sipped.

The above-mentioned suggestions would help you in preparing the best cup of tea using the private label tea bags in India and private label tea in India. You may falter at first, but don’t lose hope, as you would improve with practice and make delicious tea with absolute ease.

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