How to Make Oil Paintings Look Great for Generations

How to Make Oil Paintings Look Great for Generations

Oil paintings are beautiful and will last for years if kept in the right conditions. Go to any art museum and look at the works by Old Masters on display. Those paintings have been around for centuries and are still in good shape because they are well taken care of. Your paintings from Oil Paintings Gallery will last just as long, as long as you follow these instructions.

Choose Your Display Space Carefully

You probably already know which wall you want to hang your new painting on. However, before you add some hooks to the wall and put the painting up, take a good look at your surroundings. You don’t want your new art to become damaged, so you should keep it away from any heat sources. Unless you have special window coatings like museums and historic homes do, you need to keep the painting out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the pigment to fade. Your display space also shouldn’t be near any radiators or major heat sources, as they can soften the paint. In order to preserve the painting as much as possible, avoid putting it near fireplaces, or candles, both of which can leave soot deposits on the canvas. Also, if you smoke cigarettes in your house, make sure to not light up in the room that holds your work of art.

Don’t Use Display Lights

You might be tempted to put up some display spotlights that shine on your new oil painting from Oil Paintings Gallery. This is a bad idea. The wrong lights can throw off heat and cause plenty of damage. This heat can soften the paint itself, not to mention cause some discoloration. UV lights – that’s ultraviolet to those not in the gallery or museum fields – are very bad for artworks of all kinds, especially those done in oils.

Keep An Eye On Temperature Conditions

Ideally, your painting should be kept in the proper air conditions. This includes placing it in a space filled with dry air (not humid air) and within the correct temperature range. The numbers to look for are those between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and between 40 and 55 percent relative humidity for most of the year. In the summer, these numbers can go up slightly – from 70 to 75 degrees F in temperature and 45 to 55 percent humidity.

Cleaning and Other Tips

When you handle your painting, make sure that your hands are both clean and dry. If possible, wear cotton gloves – the type that you see in museums. On top of this, before you place your painting in storage, wrap it properly in acid-free paper and place it in an archival box. This will ensure that it stays in great condition while you have it stored away. Also, never clean your painting yourself. If you believe that it’s dirty or dusty, contact a professional in the art restoration field. You could damage your painting if you try to clean it yourself.

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