How to Make Money from Online Bingo?

With the sudden surge in bingo popularity, thousands of online bingo websites have been created, allowing players huge scope as to where they can play, and countless opportunities to win big. Winning definitely isn’t everything however, and you should take care not to get overly competitive. This being said, winning at bingo is a great feeling, and so long as it’s done sensibly, there is nothing wrong at all with striving for bingo success. There are countless ways in which you can boost your chances of winning.

Big Jackpots

Some bingo websites offer you the chance to win bigger jackpots than other websites do.

Some sites will even allow you to buy tickets for jackpot games in advance, and don’t even require you to be online for them. You should be able to quickly find the best sites for big jackpot prizes but be sure to read some reviews and do your research carefully to make sure that they are legitimate.

Play More Games

By opting to play more games, you will of course improve your chances of winning. If you are serious about bingo success, then set aside some time each week or month to play a few games, but at the same time, make sure that bingo doesn’t take over your life completely.

Play Off-Peak Games

By playing more off-peak games, you will find yourself up against fewer competitors, which naturally means that your chances of winning are improved. Quiet times tend to be late at nights, mid-week, or early in the mornings. Sometimes, because these games are off-peak, the cash prize may well be smaller. However, instead of trying to win one big cash prize, you may well have greater success with trying to win many small cash prizes.

Granville Theory

Joseph E. Granville was a mathematical analyst, born in 1923, famous for his financial market predictions. Granville’s number system has never been extensively proven, but it is still very well-known and praised by many bingo enthusiasts.

Granville’s theory recommends that on the most successful bingo tickets there is a balance of odd numbers and even numbers, a balance of low and high numbers, and the same amount of numbers which end in 1, 2, 3, 4… and so on. Consequently, it is argued by this theory that bingo players should select bingo cards where the numbers are most symmetrical and systematic, because in the long run, a balanced amount of high and low numbers will be called out, as will a largely equal amount of odd and even numbers.

Even though this number system hasn’t been fully proven, it still might be worth giving it a go.

Keep a bingo journal

As time goes on and your knowledge of bingo builds up, you may want to write your acquired theories and tips into a journal, so that you can easily refresh your mind of everything you’ve learnt. You can buy proper bingo journals online, or you could simply just use a normal notebook.

Minimize distractions

If you are serious about winning, then distractions must be minimized. Bingo is largely a game of concentration and missing even just one number could potentially cost you the game. Don’t try to multitask whilst a game is running; make sure you mute your phone and politely request that others don’t disturb you.

Work Out A Budget

The truth about online bingo is that whilst its great fun, it can become very costly. Some bingo websites will allow you to buy up to one hundred tickets per game, which would not only be near impossible to manage, but would also cost you an arm and a leg. A good way to ensure you don’t overspend on bingo is by setting a budget for yourself, based on what you can realistically afford. It’s okay to spend a significant sum on bingo each month if you really enjoy it, but definitely make sure that you don’t start dipping into your rent or mortgage budget.

Be Patient

Not everyone will win a bingo game right away. It may take some before you finally get yourself a win, but that’s okay. If you feel like you are constantly missing out, then ask for advice from more experienced players in the online bingo chat rooms, watch YouTube videos, and read up on more number theories, such as the Tippett Theory. It is important not to get too carried away with wanting to win, just take your time and enjoy bingo for the sake of what it is.

There is a lot of money to be made from online bingo, with some players winning hundreds, or even thousands each month. Whilst big cash prizes like this are incredibly exciting, make sure you keep your head screwed on. Playing both sensibly and strategically will help you to improve your chances of winning, whilst simultaneously ensuring that you have a great bingo experience overall.

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