Clenbuterol is also available in the form of gels along with pills and liquid form. The thermo genic fat burner Clen is often sold legally by online retailers of United States. It is sold under the brand name Claire from Oralject and is easier to obtain in those places where Clenbuterol tablets are hard to find. It is used for animals such as, horses which are engaged in racing activities, as an oral bronchodilator. The contents of gels in different countries vary which makes them unsuitable for human beings and could be exclusively used for horses. The source you opt for purchasing Clen should be genuine and providing a real Clen tablets without resorting to purchase a horse medication. As it is thermo genic fat burner for weight loss, it stimulates metabolism and boost energy. Therefore it is ideally used for cutting cycle.

It has become more popular among female celebrities who are desirous of losing unwanted body fats. You cannot lose substantial weights just from regular exercise and running. In order to eliminate the abdomen fats in a short period of time, you are advised to implement Clen to your cycle. It is also preferred by the male builders who want to trim unwanted fats and at the same time preserve the lean muscle tissue for further development of muscle mass. Sometimes they are used as Post Cycle Therapy for stimulating muscle mass during bulking cycle. This helps them in achieving lean and ripped physique. It was initially used as bronchodilator in the treatment for breathing disorder. It is often used for the treatment of medical condition of persons suffering from asthma. Being cheap and effective, Clenbuterol is still used for enhancing the performance of horses engaged in race. Due to its performance enhancing properties, this medication is banned for race horses but still they are prescribed for many medical applications.

Keeping in mind, its increasing misuse and side effects, FDA has banned use of this drug in many countries. Steroid laws consider such activities as punishable offence. It could only be obtained in a prescribed way. There are number of websites that sold legally by online retailers and underground labs that claims selling real Clen without any prescription. At the same time, there are risks associated with the usage of products availed through underground labs because the contents and combinations might vary certain times.

The properties of Clenbuterol is directly associated with losing weights and effective results as they are not steroid but sympathomimetic amines. It acts as a beta androgenic receptors of the body because of stimulating properties. The temperature of the body gets stimulated with an increase in heart rate, perspiration, and blood pressure. It is followed by both anabolic and catabolic properties. The catabolic properties tend to breakdown the fats while the anabolic properties add to the growth of skeletal muscle. Some athletes may prefer Clenbuterol gel instead of oral pills or injectable form for achieving effective and rapid results. The gel may not be proved rapid than tablets because few quality standards to control the purity.