You know that feeling you get when you see Giselle Bundchen walk down Victoria’s Secret ramp? When you think to yourself, “Gosh darn it. That is exactly what I need to look like.” But that’s the whole point of Giselle Bundchen when you think about it. Nine out of ten times you’ll want to change something about yourself. But there are times when

But really what’s the harm in actually wanting that big hair, those long legs, full lips and come hither eyes? Answer: nothing.

Go ahead, go out and get yourself a sexy Brazilian wax. Get that French manicure, slink into your sexiest lingerie and then come back for the complete lowdown on looking Victoria Secret ramp ready.

Sexy Bed Hair

You can’t really say ‘Victoria’s Secret’ without thinking of the sexy bed hair the leggy models flaunt on the runway. So let’s start there!

  • Spray your hair with heat protectant and let it dry.
  • Section off your hair into two-inch sections. I usually clip my hair away and start by curling the bottom section.
  • Use a 1.5 inch curling barrel and starting at the bottom, curl your hair all the way up. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat with all the sections of your hair. What you’ll get are loose, relaxed curls.
  • Rub some hair wax into your palms and scrunch your curls with it. For extra volume, lift your hair and spray with hair spray to help hold your waves. Now stand back and stare. The sexiest bed hair is now yours!

And now! Moving on to the makeup! With hair that looks so glamorous, you can’t really forget the makeup now, can you?

How To Look Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel From Head To Toe1

With big Victoria’s Secret hair, comes sultry Victoria’s Secret makeup. Perfecting the angel’s makeup is actually really easy and takes hardly any time.

  • The angels usually sport fresh faced, natural-looking makeup with a berry pink lip and long, sweeping eyelashes. Bring out your makeup brushes from e.l.f.’s cosmetics and get started!
  • First, prep your face with primer and work a tinted moisturizer of your choice. (I’m a big fan of tinted moisturizer and I pretty much wear it every day so this is really just part of my every day routine!)
  • Up next, your eyes. Create a soft, seductive bronze smokey eye. Start by brushing a bronze shadow along the outer corners of your eye in a V-pattern. Blend in the color along your 3/4th of your upper lid and drag it down along 3/4th of your lower lashline. Dab a touch of shimmery gold at the inner corner of your eye. This makes your eyes pop and is something that I insist you use. Finish with a generous shade of volumizing mascara.
  • Line your lips with a soft pink lip liner and follow it with a candy pink lipstick of your choice.
  • For fuller lips, dab a wee bit of that golden shimmer right above your cupid’s bow. These will make your pout look fuller and more seductive. Mmm…absolutely stunning.

And now, as you look every bit a Victoria’s Secret angel yourself, it’s time to stand back and admire what you’ve created. Now tell me if this doesn’t floor your man.