The best way to prevent a drain from getting clogged is to see to it that you don’t put anything and everything into it. You might think you have found the solution to saving your drain from getting clogged. But sadly, coffee grounds, soap scum, hair or grease are things that might make this solution seem useless. Here, it would be valuable for you to know that these are the things that block drains the most. And that is why you should leave no stone unturned to ensure these things never pass through your drain. Now, the question that arises here is-how to prevent this from happening? Well, for that you will have to keep the following things in mind. Check out-

How To Keep Your Drain Clean and Prevent It from Getting Clogged

  • Don’t let cooking grease get drained. If you have collected it, just put it inside a can or a box so that you can dispose it off later.
  • The best place to dump your coffee grounds is your garbage bin. Alternatively, you can add it to your mulch pile.
  • You should never keep the mouths of water outlets open. If possible, use a grate on it so that fine objects like soap scum or hair gets filtered. To pick the right drain grate, you must pay a visit at the local plumbers, and then show them a picture of your drainage system, so that they can suggest you what kind of grate would be the best fit for it. There are filters and screens also available these days, which can be used without anyone’s assistance.
  • Another important way to keep your drain clean and odour-free is to keep cleaning it often.

Here are some ways to keep your drain clean and unclogged

  • Every time you use your sink, you should run hot water through it, so that any grease gets drained out easily. When grease gets stuck to the inner lining of a pipe that carries water to the drain, the flow gets sluggish over time. And narrower pipes could also cause food particles and other objects to get stuck in places, which could cause clogging.
  • An amazing cleaning agent is baking soda. And that is why when you sprinkle a handful of it into your drain and then add some hot water to it, you will keep it clean for long. Baking soda is also a deodorant of sorts. It might not make your drain smell good, but it will certainly stop any stench from developing. For cleaning the drain, you can also use vinegar. A cup of vinegar is sufficient for this purpose. Just pour a cup of vinegar into the drain and then let it sit there for around half an hour. Simply chase this vinegar down with boiling water, and your drain will look cleaner than ever. Remember, vinegar is a great cleaning agent as it contains acetic acid. And that is why it is able to remove any kind of crud build-up in the pipes.

However, if you think these solutions are not working, then it would be valuable for you to seek professional assistance. Professional drain cleaners will clean your drain without you having to worry about it. And with so many companies offering drain cleaning Melbourne, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to select a good drain cleaner.