How To Keep Fresh Flowers Alive For Days

A flower is something which makes you feel fresh. It is the best thing by which you can express yourself without saying a word. Flowers are beautiful and are so colourful that it can instantly lift up your mood. It can be a day changer to those who you send a fresh bouquet of flowers.

To deliver flowers in Jaipur India; one can always take help from online flower websites. But one has to remember one thing. Fresh flower bouquets after received may not remain that much fresh for longer if they are not kept properly. Yes, there are some regular things to keep flower bouquets fresh like changing the water of the vase on a regular basis and feeding flowers with flower food at a regular interval, but there are some other things as well, which can keep cut flowers fresh for longer.

Keep them spraying with water : Yes, especially in this hot, sultry and moist weather; flowers can ruin its beauty very fast due to these harsh conditions. So, when a bouquet is received and placed in a flower vase, one should keep them sprinkling with water from a water sprayer on a regular interval. But one has to keep some things in mind; water should be sprinkled at least at a distance of eight inches from the flowers. If you spray waters from very close, then it can ruin the petals and the stems.

Cut the stems to avoid early decay of flowers : Before putting the bouquet into a vase, which is full of clear crystal water, one should cut the stems of the bouquet a little bit. This is because if you cut the stems of the flowers at a regular interval, it can rehydrate the flowers and keep them fresh for longer. One has to trim the stems at least for one or two inches, which again depends on the length of the stems present in the bouquet. You can also re-split the stem after you cut them so that the fresh water in the vase can keep the flowers fresh. After cutting the stems, place the bouquet in fresh water and in a clear vase.

Place the bouquet in a good way : Do not place the bouquet in the same position every day. Change and reshuffle the flowers if it is possible when you are changing the water. Make sure in whatever position you arrange the bouquet; you should keep the stems submerged in water. It is even better, if you can mix a spoon of sugar and a pinch of bleach in the fresh water every day so that it can rejuvenate the flowers on a daily basis. If stems get submerged in this mixture, then it can flow through the stems and reach the flowers easily.

One has to keep the vases very clean in which they are going to keep the bouquet. To send flowers in Jaipur India, one can contact with the local florists of the city who deal with fresh bouquets.

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