Many believe that genetics are what determines intelligence, but sometimes it is just a matter of training the brain. If you feel like you can improve your intelligence or you want to improve your already intelligent brain, we have the tips for you. Our IQs increases over time, but there are ways to fast track this process. For many students and professionals, they need all the brainpower to get through their days.

Problem solving exercises are a great place to start, but there are steps you can take that are fun and easy to do. You do not have to provide professional essay writing services to others in order to boost your brain power. These 10 surprising tricks and tips will have you on your way to an increased IQ in no time.

1. Board Games

Did you know that you can play board games and boost your brain power? This is good news if you are looking for fun ways to improve your intelligence. Scrabble is definitely one of the top on the list.

2. Video Games

Another fun way to improve intelligence is to play a few video games. We constantly hear how bad these are for our social skills, but finding a balanced medium is something to consider.

3. Cardio

Even though we always hear that exercise is good for your brain power, some of us still underestimate the benefits. Going for a run might be more beneficial that writing a professional essay and it is way more exciting.

4. Balanced Diet

Eating unprocessed foods can highly benefit your IQ. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of nutritional value and we need this in order to ensure proper brain functioning. Go meatless at least one day a week and see your IQ increasing.

5. Supplements

If you are not going to eat correctly, you might want to compensate with taking the proper supplements. Creatine is one of those supplements that has been proven to boost intelligence. Make this part of your morning routine and the habit will be set.

6. Less television

This one might be difficult with all the good shows out right now, but it is a must if you want your brain to perform at a high level. Professional essay writers know that it takes all the brain power to write good essays.

7. More reading

Readers have such an advantage over those who consider themselves people who don’t read. Even if you read content that interests you and are not on academic level, it still provides many benefits.

8. Enough Sleep

Sleeping is so important for our overall health and is necessary for your brain to function highly. Make sure you get adequate amounts of sleep. Some people can get away with 6 hours of sleep, but it does impact their performance over time.

9. Mindfulness

For many people, meditating is a waste of time doing nothing, but it is quite the opposite. A 15 minute meditation session can give your brain a break from overthinking and help it perform better afterwards.

10. Stop the Disbelief

If you believe that you are not smart enough, you need to let go of these thoughts. You can reach your goals if you put in the hard work and never let anyone make you believe otherwise.