How To Improve Our Money Programming?

If we want to succeed financially, it is important to understand our current money programming. There are some deep seated programming in our subconscious mind that need to be exhumed and fixed, if we want to achieve better things in our lives. There are also new learned behaviours that we need to implement. Due to past experiences and poor teaching, it is possible that we already have some negative programming about money, both in our conscious and subconscious minds. In fact, a few could get lodged in our subconscious mind without our permission and this is not a good thing. There are some positive affirmations that we need to have when we are dealing with money. As an example, we should believe that money will come easily to us. But, if we insist on having that thought, but we still haven’t seen any improvement, then we need to look a bit deeper.

We need to unearth everything negative that we have witnessed previously in our lives. There could be some bad feeling associated with money. We should be able to expedite the whole process through proper journaling. As an example, many people start to have bad feeling about money when they witnessed their parents fought a lot about money. The situation in the house can be really bad a few days before all bills are due. In other families, when parents are really concerned about money, they could succumb in silent war for weeks, putting emotional pressure on their children. In this situation, there could be a lot of mistrust between spouses, especially if each one spends money for their own needs and wants. Having experienced and witnessed this kind of experience throughout their childhood, people could believe that money is the actual source of conflicts and arguments.

We won’t have good relationship with money, if we think that money cause stress, marital problems and mistrust. In fact, deep inside their subconscious mind, these people could think that money is downright scary. Unfortunately, the situation can be repeated again and again, especially if there are a lot of arguments associated with it. It takes a huge amount of stubbornness if we want to change bad thinking about money, regardless of what’s happening in our lives, including when we lose a lot of money due to theft or frauds. Reprogramming is an important step to have if we want to have proper financial overview. This should be worth our time and it can make a significant difference in our lives. This also means that we can expect to have a degree of prosperity in our lives if we are able to make the proper changes. We should be persistent, especially if we can defy all reasoning. This task should be a small price to pay if we want to have the proper convenience in our lives. Changes can be made little by little and eventually they will accumulate and we get so many wonderful things in life. This is something that we need to remember.

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