It’s safe to say that most working Americans would like a promotion and the potential for more money, better hours, longer vacation, or a bigger office. All are substantial luxuries which typically come with promotions. But in order to get a promotion first you must earn it. How you earn it depends on your occupation and employer, but there are some helpful techniques that will impress your boss and help land you that long desired promotion.

1.  Listen

The first key to understanding how to impress your boss is to listen to him. Whether he talks excessively or hardly at all, you never know what you might learn from the small things he mentions. It is also important to listen to your coworkers. Picking up on their insight will help you learn more about the business, giving you more knowledge to impress your boss with.

2.  Smile

It has actually been upheld in studies that those who smile more are liked more. There is just something about a smiling happy face that makes you want to engage with that person. Being upbeat and encouraging around your boss will show him not only maturity but that you can be counted on for a positive outlook.

3.  Challenge

Don’t be afraid to challenge your boss on his outlook and proposals. Giving a new and potentially more advantageous idea on something will show your boss that you are ahead of your position. He will respect you more and in turn consider allotting you more responsibility.

4.  Be Responsible

In order to gain more responsibility, you must prove you are responsible to begin with. Treat each task you are given as if your job was dependent on it. Don’t let anything go unnoticed and prove you can always be counted on. You will impress your boss by putting 100% of your effort into your work and endeavors.

5.  Be Thoughtful

Your boss will take notice of you if you take notice of people and things around you. Be inquisitive and find extra ways you can help. Instead of waiting for your superior to give you a task, find a task you can work on or a goal you can accomplish. Don’t be a pest to your boss or those around you. You will impress your boss by taking initiative and showing him your thoughtfulness.

6.  Be Involved

Along with being thoughtful comes being involved. Get to know your coworkers as well as your boss. Take advantage of office parties as a way to get closer to those around you and get in on any news around the office.

7.  Dress Nice

If you would like to be taken seriously, then you must give that impression. You must show professionalism in your daily attire. If you expect your boss to dress nicely, then you should as well.

8.  Go The Extra Mile

Spend the extra minute or hour to put all of your effort into your work. Arriving 30 minutes early to work and staying an extra hour will set you apart from others. Remember, you’re not the only one who is competing for a promotion. Try to stand out any way you can and your boss will certainly take notice.

9.  Arrive Early and Leave Late

Come in early to complete that chore that nobody else wanted to or stay late when everyone else wants to go home. Promotion means more responsibility and more responsibility means you could be putting in some extra time. Show your boss that your willing to work hard and accomplish goals. Treat your job as a route for accomplishing goals, not just somewhere you have to be.

10.  Be Confident

Lastly, be confident. If you feel that you are a valued employee then let your persona show that. Treat mistakes as lessons and view them as ways to improve yourself. Overall, be confident in your work and let it be known that you deserve that promotion.

David Incorvaia is a Rollins College Senior. He majored in Music performance/business administration and currently performs around the southeast at various venues. Other then performing David enjoys trading options, reading, and cooking. He is currently employed by FindAFax, an interactive online fax service comparison site.