In the sports arena, it is important for athletes to understand the symptoms of heat exhaustion and how to treat it. It is a heat -induced illness that takes place in the body when an athlete is exposed to high temperatures. This heat exhaustion is generally accompanied by dehydration.

Know the different kinds of heat exhaustion

Jack Elway a sports lover and athlete in the USA says there are two kinds of heat exhaustion. The first one is the depletion of water and the signs here are loss of consciousness, excessive thirst and headaches. The second type of heat exhaustion is the depletion of salt. The signs that are seen here are muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

He says though heat exhaustion is not as serious as heat stroke, you should not take it lightly. If you do not address the issue on time, the condition can lead to heat stroke in an athlete. This again will damage the brain, the vital organs of the body and can lead to death as well.

Now, what are the symptoms for heat exhaustion that you should look out? He says that when you as a athlete have heat exhaustion you will be confused and the color of your urine will be dark. This means you are suffering from dehydration. The smell of your urine will also be pungent. You might feel bouts of dizziness and fatigue. There are headaches and muscle cramps. The color of your skin also becomes pale and you will experience bouts of profuse sweating. The heat beat will accelerate as well.

Treating heat exhaustion

It is very important for you to treat heat exhaustion first. When you have been identified with heat exhaustion, it is very important for you to go out of the heat and immediately take rest. You should go to a cool place. If you have an air-conditioned room, it is prudent to stay there for some time. In case, you do not find an air-conditioned room, you should locate a place that is cool and shady to rest there.

The other recommended things to do when you detect heat exhaustion is to drink a lot of fluid. This excludes the intake of alcohol and caffeine. You should also remove tight clothing and take a cool shower or have a sponge bath. You should also apply other cooling measures like ice towels and fans on the body. In case, after embracing all the above measures you still feel the heat, it is important for you to go in for medical help. In case you do not treat the heat exhaustion, it will lead to heat stroke. Once you have been treated for heat exhaustion, you should avoid the hot weather and doing heavy exercise till your doctor advises you to resume your general activities.

Jack Elway says that you should never treat heat exhaustion lightly if you are an athlete. This condition hinders the ability of your body to cool down itself. The moment you feel hot and uneasy, it is very important for you to check yourself for heat exhaustion he says!