Most homeowners invest thousands of dollars on their property. They are always looking for ways to make their homes and property more appealing to others. One of those unsightly problems is the outdoor air-conditioning unit. Good solutions to solving the issue are being answered by homeowners everywhere. Let us explore some of the possible solutions available in several areas here.


One of the top solutions to this problem for many homeowners is to plant shrubs around the unit. Plants can help keep the unit cooler while it operates by providing shade from direct sunlight. Always make sure that plants are at least 12-24 inches away from the unit. The air conditioner needs the additional space for airflow. Failing to follow that simple rule can be costly in air conditioner repairs.

Better flexibility can be achieved by using container gardening in large pots. This gives a homeowner the ability to move them out of the way if the unit must be serviced or replaced. Flowering plants, small trees and bushes are great choices for container type gardening around the unit.

Evergreens and small trees can be planted that make an excellent choice that can grow over time to hide it from view. A quick fix can be to use artificial plants and shrubs. They can be purchased from a variety of stores. They can immediately solve the problem without the wait for plants to grow. Simply install them around the unit to provide a quick solution.

Installation of a trellis structure can partially block the view while allowing airflow. Vine plants can be added that take time to grow, but will almost fully block the unit from sight to others. It solves two problems, hiding the unit plus providing savings on utilities by the unit operating efficiently.

Fence The Unit

A lattice fencing enclosure could be the perfect solution to hiding the unit. Lattice panels can be built from lumber and painted to the color of the house. This can make it blend into the home and give the unit much needed airflow to breathe. A lattice enclosure can be designed with a door to allow the unit to be serviced or replaced.

Privacy panels can be installed to hide the unit permanently. They make a perfect solution to solving the problem. Using a privacy panel fence can allow homeowners a place to store their outdoor garbage containers to solve that unsightly problem too. That can be a relief for people that live in areas known for bear habitation and other wildlife.

All types of fencing materials are available at local lumber outlets and most outdoor centers. Homeowners can find what they need to build from a simple design to a more elaborate enclosure to hide the unit.

A storage building type enclosure might be the ideal solution for those that want the choice of hiding the unit plus an area for sheltering outdoor tools and mowers. Many options can be chosen on the design and size of the building by the homeowner.

These are some of the solutions that can be utilized to solve the problem of hiding an outdoor unit from view. Everyone can find what will work for them with the variety of options and materials available.

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