How To Help Career Aspirants With Your Advice & Guidance

Guiding someone to the summit of success is what feels like a gratifying experience for many. If you too feel the same, there are several ways to help others. The best of them is, however, to help a person with his career.

A rewarding career pays dividends throughout the life in terms of handsome earning, social status, and fame apart from the satisfaction of achieving something in life. You can play a role to help others with their career decision.

Concept of careers is not limited to jobs

If you have a job, it never means your career graph has become a tangent to success. Often people, especially the gen Y, accept a job to earn their pocket money or just to get going for the moment. Such type of job is temporary. It might be a ‘round peg in a square hole’ for you.

However, if you have a career, it means you have got something that you deserve and what you want to continue throughout your life. Receiving advice – even if it is gratuitous – can make a big difference in the way your career will take off.

For you, there are plenty of ways to give a good boost to others’ careers especially during the phase of starting. The most important phase in one’s career is to get it off the ground. Giving them support is never limited to providing financial assistance, there are several ways to contribute to their cause i.e. launching of career. Take a hard look at the following options.

For many career aspirants, a job is only a part of the bigger career picture in their life. They are not contended with what they have right now and relentlessly put in heavy work to notch up more success. And it is not only financial success they have in mind, rather they are keen to do something for a noble cause or set an example for the future generation.

Importance of encouragement for success

There are famous stories about some successful people who achieved a lot in life without any encouragement from others. Some of them were even discouraged with pessimistic words like ‘good for nothing’. They are exceptional.

But most of the successful and noted persons had a brush with achievement because their potentials were recognized. They had mentors or others who inspired them with encouraging words. They were made to believe that they had qualities to go ahead and make it big in life.

A part of career advice is to encourage those who need your guidance. If you want them to have a successful career, they should be made to feel that they have all the makings to achieve something in life. Making people believe in them and their ability to lead a successful life is extremely important.

Encourage them to march forward to fulfill their career goals even these are lofty. Let them know they are capable of doing it. You can be an integral part of their success via your support and encouragement.

John is an electronics graduate and a part time career advisor. In the above article John is giving some tips on how you can help career aspirants

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