Many experts say that it is not that difficult to crack JEE. If you see it rationally, it may sound very correct. What is very essential is good planning, motivation and strong determination to crack the examination. Preparing for JEE is an effort spanning two years of a student. The ideal time to prepare for JEE is right after the completion of class X board examinations. With the rise of IIT coaching centers, many consider it worth to get enrolled in some good coaching institute. But apart from all this, there are a few things which you must know during your JEE preparation.

Focus on XI and XII NCERT Syllabus

Many students lack the habit of studying the NCERT textbooks. They often feel that the material that is provided in the coaching classes is sufficient to crack JEE. It is a very wrong practice in the sense that without mastering XI and XII syllabus, a student cannot achieve good rank in JEE. Even the former toppers of JEE have this opinion. So, do not shy away from learning what is given in NCERT textbooks.

Understand the Pattern of JEE Main Examination

For getting a good rank in the examination, it is very important to have a preliminary idea of the question paper pattern. There are some of the best IIT coaching classes like Bansal Classes, Resonance, Vibrant Academy etc in Kota that caters to this need of  the students.

  • The JEE Main exam is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.
  • The exam comprises one paper of three hours duration with thirty questions each from physics, mathematics and chemistry.
  • For every correct attempt, four points are awarded to the candidate while a wrong answer attracts a penalty of one point. For unanswered questions, no points are awarded.

Understand the Pattern of JEE Advanced Examination

If you are motivated to secure a place in the prestigious IITs, you must secure a rank within 1.5 lakhs in JEE Main results. If you are through this, it is very important for you to know the pattern of JEE Advanced examination. This greatly helps you in preparing efficiently for the examination.

  • The advanced exam is conducted by the IITs themselves. There are two papers of three hour duration in JEE Advanced.
  • Paper 1: For each subject there are ten MCQ with one answer correct, five MCQ with multiple answers and five numerical type questions with single digit answer.
  • Paper 2: For each subject there are eight MCQ with one answer correct followed by passage type questions.

Have a Good Idea of the Important Topics

Superficially, the topics covered by JEE Main and JEE Advanced seem to be almost same. However, if you see critically, the syllabus for JEE Main is more than that of JEE Advanced. When you are preparing for the examination, a good idea of the topic is very important.

Understand the Most Important Topics from Each Subject

There are topics from each subject that are the favorites of the question setter. It is very important to know these topic as these will be useful for revision purposes. Some of the best IIT coaching classes in India focus a lot on sharpening the concepts of students in these topics. The topics you should be thorough with are:

  • Physics: Kinematics and classical mechanics, gravitation, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics and optics.
  • Mathematics: Quadratic equations, coordinate geometry, differential and integral calculus, complex numbers.
  • Chemistry: States of matter, redox reactions, coordination compounds, named reactions in organic chemistry, salt analysis, organic intermediates, thermodynamics, and equilibrium.

Taking Practice Tests

This is very important. Having a feel of the examination is very much essential in successful preparation for the test. Coaching institutes like Brilliant Tutorials, FIITJEE etc conduct national level practice test. They results are given with proper analysis to help students work on the weak areas.

Solving Past Year Question Papers

This should be done once you are thorough with the syllabus of the examination. The best way to revise your syllabus is to practice a lot of questions. It is even better if you solve past year question papers of JEE. Of course you need to ensure proper examination condition and time limit. This will help you to refresh the concepts you have already studied.