How To Get The Best Deal When Buying A New Car

With car dealers having a well-deserved reputation for being extremely aggressive, most Americans feel that buying a new car is easily one of the more stressful experiences they face. The motto of most car dealers, with some rare exceptions, is to convince the customers to part with as much money as possible before driving out of their showrooms. However, by being smart and logical, you can plan so that you don’t succumb to the manipulations of the dealers and are able to buy a car of your choice for the amount that you think is reasonable and not what you are being forced into paying. Some basic tips:

Have Loads of Patience: Being patient is perhaps the most important factor to get a good deal when buying a car. If you rush into the process, you can be sure that the dealer will extract more from you. However, being patient does not mean waiting to a stage where your existing car simply does not move anymore. It only means that you should start planning well in time without having an emergency on your hands to immediately buy a car. If you give yourself enough time to negotiate with the dealer without showing any signs of hurry, you are liable to get a far better deal. Planning the purchase works as well for certified pre-owned cars as for new cars.

Know When to Buy: The traffic in the showrooms of new car dealers shows a lot of variation from one season to another. Quite naturally, your chances of getting money saving deals are better when the dealer has fewer customers making inquiries and he is facing pressure on his profitability. Typically, this means that at Christmas, for example, car showrooms tend to be empty because people are busy with their festive shopping. The period starting from Thanksgiving tends to be extremely dull for car dealers and represents a good opportunity for bargain hunters.

Another good time is around September when the new models for the coming year have arrived and the dealer has to ensure that he is able to dispose of the current year models. The dealer is under more pressure to move stock because this coincides with the beginning of the slow season. This prompts dealers to offer better prices to customers than in times when customers are lining up to buy. The next best time, especially for those living in the north, is late January when it is really cold and most Americans are battling snow drifts, terrible weather, and high heating bills.

Know the Best Weeks of the Month: With most car salesmen relying upon sales commissions for their monthly take-homes, it can be difficult to strike a good bargain in the early days of the month. This is because at that time salesmen tend to be a little aggressive and in the mood to try and get the maximum commissions even at the risk of blowing a few deals as they think they will be able to make up in the days to follow. In the second half of the month, they are more amenable to offering discounts as desperation to strike more deals sets in. Also, try and drop in on a weekday rather than a Saturday to avoid being one of the many visiting the showroom. However, you don’t need to plan so much for a visit to Ideal Auto USA, as they have a reputation for ethical and transparent deals.

Cash Talks Better: While obviously paying cash to buy a car may not be possible for all buyers, it really helps to increase your bargaining strength if you can avoid financing. If you really like a car, make an offer that is about 60% of the sticker price, face the ridicule of the salesman calmly, and walk out after leaving your phone number. You can be very sure that you will get a call the next day and this is where you can start bargaining from a position of strength to get yourself a very good deal indeed. Be prepared to walk away again at any point in time when you think the deal is not going the way you like. Sooner or later, you will be able to better the “best and final offer” made by the dealer.

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