How To Get Rid Of A Hangover The Right Way!

Dont Tough It Out

No one wants the thought of a hangover to ruin their night of fun. The after effect should not stop you from enjoying the moment you are in. there are lots of theories and untested home remedies that claim to get you over your hangover but sometimes they just don’t work and you a quick fix. You want something better than toughing out rolling around in the sheets and rolling out of bed when that nausea hits.

Water is a must have. Alcohol causes dehydration because it is diuretic. So before you fall out on the bed, drink somewhere close to 20 ounces of water. For your next night out, try ordering water every time you order your next drink and alternate between drinking either. Sports drinks can counteract the loss of electrolytes that alcohol takes away.

You already use coffee to help you wake up in the morning so use it to drive that hangover away. The caffeine can treat migraines and headaches. Drink water with your cup as well.

The worst thing you can do is drink more alcohol the morning after thinking it will provide a numbing effect. This can cause alcohol dependency.

For a food source, crackers and toast is a good way to go. Carbs will help bring your blood sugar level back to normal because they tend to drop due to the alcohol. Food slows the alcohol absorption and slows its entrance into your bloodstream.

Soothe your headache with some pain medication like ibuprofen or naproxin. Take your daily multivitamins; although their effect is not immediate, they can help get you through the day.

Glutathione is the bodies strongest anti oxidant, that fights off the physical effects of stress, hard workouts, pollution and yes alcohol. The problem with Glutathione is that it is in short supply so when you consume large amounts of alcohol your body simply cannot produce enough to nullify the effects. Another issue with Glutathione is that it is typically ineffective as an oral supplement so either eating fresh fruits and veggies can help your body produce Glutathione or you can take it via injection to increase your levels quickly before you plan to go out for drinks.

The exercise theory is a myth so don’t do this due to the guilt from the calories in alcohol. The simplest cure is prevention. Don’t overdo the night; you will forget half of it if you do. Drink responsible and know your limits. Try drinking in moderation.

Some natural remedies include potatoes with milk. Alcohol can remove the calcium and potassium in your body so milk and potatoes are a good source for these. Try some ginger tea. The ginger helps with nausea and motion sickness. Just cut up the ginger root and boil it in water. Also try boiled water with lemon and honey. The vitamins you need will be replenished by the lemon and the honey balances your sugar levels that could have been tampered with by the alcohol.

Milk thistle is rumored to cleanse your liver of harmful toxins put in your body by the alcohol. Add a pinch of milk thistle seeds to about a cup of boiled water and drain.

It may seem weird, but riding the hangover can be as effective as any remedy. Get some sleep. Alcohol throws the sleep cycle off so that is why you feel sleepy. Getting a couple of hours of sleep in on the side can help your body from feeling sleep deprived.

Hangovers make you hypersensitive so avoid loud noises and bright lights. If you must leave the house, grab some sunglasses and don’t blast nay music. Don’t try and tough it out at work or school. Try and pull yourself out of bed and go for a light walk for run. The endorphin can improve your mood, which can help with anxiety caused by the hangover.

Create some distractions like a book or television. Catch up on the shows you may have missed the night you were out. Use it as a free day that your body needs to recover.

It helps to keep you from mixing drinks. Don’t get a margarita and a martini with a beer. The sugar in the margarita masks the liquor already in it which tricks you into thinking you are not getting enough. Also, don’t try to drink the whole bar down in 5 minutes. Pace yourself and enjoy the long night you have planned.

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