It is obvious that links to our website is considered as votes by major search engines. These votes are counted accordingly and they determine our ranks in search engine. We should be aware that all backlinks aren’t created equal. The quality and relevancy of these links could be determined by different factors. If we want to get a highly relevant link, we should make sure that it reflects the main subject matter of our website. It means that we shouldn’t get links from websites that are unrelated with our main topics. As an example, it would not be a good idea for medical instruments sellers to get links from websites of legal professionals. Things can become more dangerous if we purchase links and we get links from obscene websites that are related to sex and gambling. Links from these websites could actually push us lower in the search results.

We should also consider getting link and text density. It means that we should have an ideal number of links on our page and even if we have 300 links from other websites, they could arrive from websites with all different kinds of topics. It means that Google and other search engines will devalue much of our links. These links will have no contribution in giving us better links. Backlink can be considered as valuable if they are surrounded by primary keywords in a properly-written text. It is important to avoid adding too many links in the website, because Google will eventually consider our website as a link farm. This is a bad situation, because we could get penalized and removed from search results entirely.

Other concept that we should consider in link building is the second-generation link popularity. In general, our rank in search result isn’t only determined by the number of links. It is also determined the number of links the websites that link to us get. This factor could also determine our PageRank and we should be aware that a seemingly relevant link could be nearly worthless if we get it from an obscure website. In SEO world, the most ideal link is obtained from websites with relevant topics and with high PageRank value. It means that websites that link to us should also have the proper authority in our industry.

If we want to attract links from relevant, high PageRank websites, it is important that we establish a legal knowledgebase. We should steadily build a quality authoritative information base fast. People are using the Internet to look for information. It would be an ideal situation if we have consistent and helpful links in our website. By building a proper knowledgebase, we would be seen as an expert in the industry. This should be considered as a highly effective method to acquire prospects. It is important that links we get should have relevant anchor text. This is an essential thing we should do, if we want to get more results.